I’m A Celebrity 2020: Ryan Gallagher’s Heartfelt Message From His Parents Leaves Camp In Tears

To celebrate entering the final week of ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ the celebs were surprised with messages from home.

Things were especially emotional for Ryan Gallagher whose mum has been once again battling breast cancer -- a disease she has fought for most of his life.

“We’re very proud of what you’ve done and enjoy watching you,” Ryan’s mum said sending her love. His dad, meanwhile, stayed quiet -- with Ryan later revealing that he can’t talk because of his Parkinson’s.

Thankfully, he was able to send a note which Myf Warhurst read in front of the other celebs bringing many to tears.

“Two months ago I was able to walk up to 10 kilometers a day, now I can barely walk at all,” the letter read. “It has greatly affected my outlook on life with the knowledge that there is no medication or cure, you just have to live with it.

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I’m A Celebrity 2020: Ryan Gallagher Breaks Down Talking About His Mum's Battle With Cancer

During a chat with all the celebs about their chosen charities, the reality star was in tears talking about his mum’s ongoing battle with cancer.

I’m A Celebrity 2020: Ryan Gallagher’s Heartfelt Message From His Parents Leaves Camp In Tears
Ryan's parents celebrated his achievements so far in the jungle. Photo: Network 10.

“That is difficult to do at times, but I have a new lease on life because of you, Ryan,” it continued. “Your lifelong devotion and love for your mother is a tremendous example of a mother and son relationship that brings the best out in both of you.”

Giving Ryan a renewed energy in the camp, his messages from home gave him the push he needed to face the final week.

Similarly, Rhonda Burchmore was surprised not only by a message from her daughter but also her husband.

“That is incredible,” she told her campmates, “my husband’s never put his face on TV in 40 years of my whole career.”

Saying it “absolutely blew her away” that this was the first time the Aussie public would get a glimpse at her husband.

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I'm A Celebrity 2020: Rhonda Burchmore, Queen Of The Tucker Trials

She’s the queen of the stage and no stranger to entertaining crowds, but Rhonda Burchmore’s performances during trials so far have been absolutely show-stopping.

I’m A Celebrity 2020: Ryan Gallagher’s Heartfelt Message From His Parents Leaves Camp In Tears
Rhonda got the best surprise seeing her husband on the camp TV. Photo: Network 10.

Before heading into the jungle Rhonda told 10 daily, “Nick doesn’t like reality television… [he] always said that he’d divorce me if I went [into the jungle] so as I left to get on the plane, he said, ‘I’ll just get those papers drawn up on Monday’.”

Things must have changed during her time in the jungle as both spoke about how proud they have been of the Tucker Trial legend herself.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.