I’m A Celebrity 2020: Camp Divided In Heated Banana Split

While some celebs thought a democratic approach to breakfast was apeeling, things quickly turned into a banana republic.

When bananas were delivered into camp for breakfast, the celebs quickly realised there weren’t enough for everyone to have a whole banana. Deciding the fairest way to deal with the lack of bananas was to split them and give out equal portions, Miguel set off cutting up the fruit to distribute.

Then things seemed to really get out of hand when Charlotte and Ryan protested in an attempt to get Charlotte a full banana rather than the pre-portioned slices.

I’m A Celebrity 2020: Camp Divided In Heated Banana Split
The camp fell to pieces when Miguel Maestre attempted to split some bananas out of fairness. Photo: Network 10.

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And yes, we realise that this is the most ridiculous, heated argument about a banana.

“Sometimes Miguel can wake up and be quite touchy about things,” Charlotte said, which prompted Miguel to ask his campmates for support.

While voices were raised and Lady fingers were pointed, the camp slipped from zero to 100 when Perez began a shouting match with Charlotte and Ryan.

I’m A Celebrity 2020: Camp Divided In Heated Banana Split
Charlotte, Ryan and Perez were at each other's throats over breakfast. Photo: Network 10.

Things became a little too tense for Rhonda and Myf who decided the best thing to do around these bananas was to split out of camp and avoid the collateral damage.

Later, the celebs attempted to put the whole banana trifle behind them, and while Miguel made his amends with Charlotte and Ryan -- someone wasn’t so ready to make nice.

“I apologise sincerely,” Perez said to a handful of campmates. “I truly, from the bottom of my heart apologise to you all… except for Ryan and Charlotte.”

Who knew Bananas Foster so much antagonism in such a short amount of time.

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