Barry Du Bois Went Wild Voting For Miguel To Stay In The Jungle And His Phone Was Cut Off

Now that's dedication for his mate in Africa!

Proving his allegiance to his good mate and 'The Living Room' co-star Miguel Maestre as he dukes it out in the jungle for 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!', Barry Du Bois has revealed that he sent so many texts to keep the sassy Spaniard in the game that his phone service was cut off.

Speaking to 10 daily over the phone, Barry said that after texting 'Miguel' to the 'I'm A Celeb' hotline non-stop in an effort to keep his pal in the jungle, Telstra actually cut his phone off as they thought it had been hacked.

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"So apparently, everyone has a limit on their phones as to how often they could text -- and I think I hit that the first day," Barry explained.

"But because there was so much voting coming from my phone, [Telstra's] computers picked it up thinking I'd been hacked by robot or something, so they cut me off!" he laughed.

"I'm actually on the phone now on Telstra to trying to get it sorted!".

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While we imagine he's in for a hell of a phone bill next month, Baz isn't fussed, seeing as the money raised from his safe votes will go to Miguel's chosen charity, R U OK, while Network 10 will match the amount to donate to the bushfire relief services.

"I honestly lost track of how many texts I sent," Barry mused. "Miguel is competing for R U OK day, which is very precious to me, plus Channel 10 is matching whatever is raised from voting to donate to the bushfire appeal, so for every dollar I'm pretty much getting $2 donated to charity, so I'm happy about that."

Despite now having to wait until he can once again flood the voting lines, Barry said he's had a great time watching his good friend cooking up a storm and having fun in the jungle.

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"I'm loving watching Miguel because everybody's getting to see how generous and compassionate he really is," he said, adding, "I know you see him on 'The Living Room', but it's great to see how uplifting he is for other people."

"The other contestants having Miguel there means having beautifully cooked food every night, which is great for their morale and would make their time in the jungle much more pleasant," he continued.

"Everybody that's coming out of the jungle is saying how beautiful Miguel is -- and that's the guy I know."

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