‘Flat Out Diva’: Rhonda Burchmore Slams Nicole Kidman's Off-Screen Antics

One of the camp’s favourite pastimes is to ask Rhonda Burchmore about her Hollywood stories.

Revealing that she knew Nicole back when she was at acting school -- Kidman studied at Sydney’s Phillip Street Theatre alongside Naomi Watts.

Answering Charlotte Crosby’s enquiries about what the ‘Big Little Lies’ star was like by simply saying she was “Beautiful”, Rhonda seemed to avoid answering the follow-up of if Nicole was “a lovely person”.

Saying the most without saying a single word, Rhonda went on to tell a story about Nicole’s antics on the set of the 2008 Baz Lurhman film ‘Australia’.

Starring as Lady Sarah Ashley, Nicole allegedly got lost in her character’s aristocratic background and -- according to Rhonda -- was not a fan of some of her co-stars.

Nicole Kidman alongside her 'Australia' co-star Hugh Jackman. Photo by Fox Studios/Getty Images.

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I'm A Celebrity 2020: Rhonda Burchmore, Queen Of The Tucker Trials

She’s the queen of the stage and no stranger to entertaining crowds, but Rhonda Burchmore’s performances during trials so far have been absolutely show-stopping.

“She used to complain about the blowflies and the cows mooing,” she said before doing an imitation of her demanding cows cease their mooing.

After Dale Thomas assumed the Oscar-winner was a “flat-out diva”, Rhonda simply echoed the AFL legend’s thoughts exactly.

Before heading into the jungle Rhonda told 10 daily audiences were in for a shock when her hair would return to its natural form.

“[It’s] going to be a huge revelation to Australia,” she said at the time, “it goes a bit like Nicole Kidman in ‘BMX Bandits’.”

‘Flat Out Diva’: Rhonda Burchmore Slams Nicole Kidman’s Diva Antics
Nicole Kidman alongside her co-stars David Argue and John Ley in the 1983 classic 'BMX Bandits'. Photo: Nilsen Premiere.

This isn’t the first time Nicole’s name has come up in camp. In 2018 Kerry Armstrong revealed that at the 2001 AACTA Awards both actors were up against each other for the ‘Best Actress’ award.

“We were so waiting for ‘Moulin Rouge’ to win everything,” she told Fiona O'Loughlin and Jackie Gillies adding that Russell Crowe had appeared at the awards assuming he was about to hand the award to his pal Nic.

“Russell Crowe said I am here to announce best actress, there's four really wonderful ladies, you know I've got a bit of bias going on so I have come all this way to announce best actress,” Kerry said.

“Nicole was all up getting ready and he said best actress and he said my name.”

‘Flat Out Diva’: Rhonda Burchmore Slams Nicole Kidman’s Diva Antics
Kerry Armstrong said Nicole stormed out of the AFI awards when she lost to the 'Lantana' star. Photo: Network 10..

Adding that there was “a lot of commotion” on the other side of the room, word got out that Nicole had walked out.

“I went up on stage and Russell Crowe was visibly unimpressed,” Kerry said.

Meanwhile Rhonda was still regaling her captive audience about some of her other run-ins, revealing that she spent “the most beautiful evening” with Colin Firth.

“We drank, we laughed, we…” she said, trailing off with a smirk.

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