'I Knew My Cover Was Blown': How Zen Hen Is Revamping His Image For 'All Stars'

Henry Nicholson first entered the 'Australian Survivor' universe claiming to be a humble yoga instructor.

While his dodgy downward dogs raised a few eyebrows in his Asaga tribe and he eventually admitted he wasn't "accredited", his fake profession did help to cloud his real identity as a 'Survivor' snake for a while there.

Henry knew his Season 2 lie would definitely not work on the cast of 'All Stars' -- who either witnessed his plays first hand or watched the whole thing unfold on national television.

Meditation and making big moves. Image: Network 10.

"I guess for me, I knew going in that my cover was blown and I was a big player who made big moves," Henry told 10 daily over the phone.

"I knew that standing there on the beach, or wherever we begin, I’m going to be looked upon as a threat but I figured, I’m not going to go into my shell," he explained.

So while Zen Hen won't be pretending he teaches yoga, he also won't be pretending that he's not one of the biggest game players in the show's history.

"I hope that my aura attracts people who see me as a threat," he said, describing the importance of being part of big moves in the game. 

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In the three years since he left 'Australian Survivor', Henry has finished a Masters degree and is now teaching at a primary school, which is where he was when he got the call for 'All Stars'.

"I actually came out of the classroom and saw a couple of missed calls from Fiji so I knew something was up," he told 10 daily.

"I tried to call back, finally got through to the EP got pretty excited when I got caught up on what was happening," Henry added. 

Will Henry and Locky end up plotting together again on 'All Stars?'. Image: Network 10.

Henry's degree finished up on the same day he flew out for 'All Stars' but he pretty quickly agreed to sign up to the next adventure, keen to improve on his first round at the game.

While plenty of 'All Stars' players will have revenge on their mind, Henry insisted to 10 daily that he doesn't blame his losses on anyone but himself.

"The reason I didn’t win the first time I played is based on myself, I chose not to play an immunity idol so I’m not coming into this 'All Stars' with revenge.

"Someone else out there isn’t going to alter the way I play -- it’s to do with me and how I can make myself better, how I can evolve the game more," he said.

Henry's zen aura at tribal council in Season 2. Image; Network 10.

That mindset going into 'All Stars' meant he wasn't running obstacles in his backyard or practising his puzzle skills but rather thinking long and hard about strategy.

"I probably thought about some creative ways to make moves in the game and things I wanted to try out there," he said, adding that preparation is sort of irrelevant when you've been a student of the game for so long. 

"I think from being a fan of Survivor, it’s been in my blood for years, even before the Australian one came into fruition -- I think when I step out on the island, it’s like I’m back home. "

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' premieres on February 3. Only on 10 and WIN Network.