'He Needs To Move On:' Dean Wells Responds To Ryan Gallagher's Jungle Comments

We've seen him rap, and now we're set to see him tap. Dean Wells on the dance floor may look like a whole new man.

The former 'Married At First Sight' contestant has swapped the bouquet for the ballroom as he gears up for his first big performance on 'Dancing With The Stars' next month.

And while this certainly isn't the controversial reality star's first time on the tele, he has high hopes that things will be a little different this time around.

"My first appearance on a reality show, I was probably a bit naive," Dean told 10 daily. "When you get to see yourself up on the screen and really see how your actions affect others, it's a real learning experience."

Now, Dean insists that he has used his time away from 'MAFS' to focus on evolving. And he's excited to show Australia a different side to him when he hits the dance floor with his Latin dance partner, Alexandra Vladimirov.

"This show is even more of a chance to really knuckle down, challenge myself, and become a stronger, fitter, smarter person. And hopefully a better human being."

Dean stirred up huge controversy in 2018 when he was caught 'cheating' with fellow contestant Davina Rankin during his stint on 'MAFS'.

Davina's reality TV husband, Ryan Gallagher, is currently deep in the African jungle for 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' cosying up to Charlotte Crosby, and he's been dishing the dirt on Dean to his campmates.

I'm A Celebrity...


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While he may be finding a bit of romance in camp, the former ‘Married At First Sight’ star spilled the tea on his first TV romance.

Speaking to 10 daily, Dean thinks it's high time Ryan "moved on."

"Ryan's a funny one. Him and I used to be friends and we don't really get along anymore. You know, he plays his role really well. Not many people from 'Married At First Sight' really speak to Ryan anymore, including myself."

While in the jungle, Ryan told his side of the story, detailing the moment he introduced Davina to his parents despite knowing she was hooking up with Dean.

According to Dean though, digging this back up was one step too far. "The fact that he brought up stuff about Davina, who's just recently had a baby, you know I think it's a little bit inappropriate.

Maybe it would be better for him and everyone involved if we all just moved on from it. That's my perspective.

When all is said and done, Dean is happy for Ryan and hopes they can all move past the drama. “I am stoked for Ryan. Participating in 'I’m A Celebrity' is great, especially because it’s for charity. Good on him.”

Charity is a big focus for Dean. In fact, it was the reason he decided to take on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

Look, any time I can get on TV and make a fool of myself to raise money for charity, I’m gonna do it.

Dean will be dancing for the BridgIT Water Foundation, an NGO dedicated to providing safe drinking water to those who need it most.

He may be the self-prescribed "worst dancer" of the group, but says he's willing to do anything to raise awareness for his charity of choice.

"If anyone hears about the BridgIT water foundation and maybe decides to donate or decides to act, or -- in the longest shot of all time -- I actually win and get to donate some money to them, then everything will be worth it."



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After a quick look at this year's 'Dancing With The Stars' cast, it would be easy to assume that Dami Im has a major advantage.

The grueling rehearsal schedule is already taking its toll on Dean, who admits he hasn't got a dancing bone in his body.

"I am running around with a young, fit, dedicated, experienced dancer and trying to keep up with her. And it’s not working too well."

Dean has been partnered with pro-dancer Alexandra Vladimirov, who last year danced alongside crowd favourtie Jimmy Giggle.

Her new partner is convinced that she's the best of the bunch.

I think the tactic with this show is they match the best dance trainer with the worst actual dancer. I think that’s a wise move, because I need more help than anyone on the show.

Well into training mode and only weeks shy of his dancing debut, Dean says he is not looking forward to people seeing him dance. But worse than knowing he is about to expose the Australian public to his two left feet, he's cringing at the costumes.

"Oh my god don’t even start me on the outfits. For starters the shoes! Dancing shoes are not my cup of tea I’ve got to say. And then the outfits are a little flamboyant for my usual taste.

"It’s going to be a completely different picture of me than anyone has ever seen before."

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Dancing With The Stars Starts On Sunday, February 9. Only On 10 And WIN Network.