'Australian Survivor' Super Fans Told Us Who They Think Is Going To Win 'All Stars'

The first Aussie 'All Stars' season is packed with some of the best players we've ever seen.

There are the challenge beasts built like Clydesdales, the pure-of-heart heroes, the subtle social assassins and the villainous 'Survivor' snakes -- and someone's got to win that half a million dollars.

We're still yet to find out the entire 'All Stars' cast but so far we know we'll be seeing BrookeFlick, Nick, and Phoebe from Season 1; A.K., Locky, Jericho, Henry and Tarzan from Season 2; Mat, Shane and Lydia from Season 3, and David and Harry from this year’s 'Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders'.

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Working with the information at hand, we decided to put the call out to the Official Australian Survivor Facebook group to pick their collective brains about the castaway most likely to become Sole Survivor, based on their last performance.

And hooo boy, did we get some answers, delivered in all caps and peppered with plenty of exclamation marks. A few of the same names kept popping up so we gave three key superfans a call to hear their tribal council pitch.

The almighty power of the Golden God. Image: Network 10.

The superfan: Dana Diamataris, VIC.

The All Star she's backing: David Genat.

Why David? "We only really saw the beginning of what’s to come," Dana explained to 10 daily over the phone, adding that the Golden God "has a lot of tricks up his sleeve". 

"He played the [last] game as a true player and came out with big moves that we’ve never really seen before in 'Australian Survivor," Dana said of his stellar debut. 

Australian Survivor


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His best move to date? "Definitely switching the idols, that got the game going," Dana told us of his ingenious fake idol swap with Contenders player Shaun Hampson. 

"He did it in a way to sort of win the tribe over but it did come back to bite him in the end," she admitted. 

His weakness in the game? "Probably his ego!" said Dana of the model who did give himself the nickname of Golden God. 

"I think he maybe gets ahead of himself... I think he gets too excited by his gameplay and forgets there are other people gunning for him as well," she mused. "Too hard, too fast!"

The glint of a future Sole Survivor? Image: Network 10.

The superfan: Lachlan Russ, NSW.

The All Star he's putting his money behind: Phoebe Timmins.

Why Phoebe? "She got the worst luck in her series, totally at the bottom the whole time, lost everything," Lachlan said of Phoebe's Aganoa tribe that had a shocking run at both reward and immunity challenges. 

Phoebe's genius at work. Image: Network 10.

Most notable moves? "She convinced Rohan to play his idol for her and then she found an idol without a clue," Lachlan told 10 daily of her natural 'Survivor' prowess and how she made the best of a bad situation. 

How will she fare in the All Stars arena? "She’s a bit like Parvati [from the U.S. series], she’s got a bit of charisma to her -- she's a chameleon and can probably get along with anyone," Lachlan said. 

Wedding DJ turned Snake turned Sole Survivor? Image: Network 10.

The superfan: Brendan Kacev, VIC.

The contestant he's picking for Sole Survivor: A.K. Knight.

How A.K. might just win: "When I look at A.K., he’s not a challenge beast, he’s not a charmer, he’s not going to necessarily get anyone with his looks, he’s not an obvious asset to the tribe but he’s got the ability to sneak into alliances and build relationships with people," Brendan told 10 daily over the phone.

"He’s already got that reputation as a snake… he’s going in knowing that people view him that way so he’s going to adjust his game accordingly," he added.

What his Season 2 track record tells us: "He got off to a rocky start, but the whole getting the idol and the chicken idol fiasco -- he got his way out of that," Brendan said of A.K.'s quick thinking.

"His low point was when his tribe didn’t trust him on like day three, then he managed to last up until tribe swap and weasel his way back up," he added.

How he's going to fare against the best of the best: Brendan told 10 daily that A.K.'s success is going to depend on how the tribes are split.

"If he’s got a tribe full of snakes, that would probably be an advantage but if he’s on a tribe where he’s the only snake and he’s viewed as the only strategic player I think there’s a chance he’ll be isolated and could be an easy target," he said.

A.K.? OK? Image: Network 10.

"If he’s on a team with say Dave, Locky, Mat -- he’s going to be less valuable when it comes to challenges," said Brendan.

"Not only will he have to get rid of his snake image, but he’s also going to have to come up with another way he can be an asset to the tribe."

We're going to have these predictions sitting right here so Dana, Lachlan and Brendan can say 'I TOLD YOU SO!' if one of these master players ends up winning but, in the meantime, we'll just be counting down the days until February 3.

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' premieres on February 3. Only on 10 and WIN Network.