'I Don't Need Nothing From No One': Charlotte Crosby Wants A Prenup

During a heated discussion in camp about infidelity, the celebrities fired up over prenups.

In a group discussion about love and cheating in relationships, Miguel, Charlotte, Cosentino, Ryan, Myf, Rhonda and Erin weighed in to the need for prenuptial agreements in marriages.

Explaining that he believes anyone who cheats on their partner should receive nothing if a relationship breaks down, Miguel said, “If you cheat on your husband or you cheat on your wife… and it’s a contractual agreement. You’re the one that broke the contract.”

“If you’re the person who has done wrong, you shouldn’t get a penny,” Charlotte agreed.

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Despite other celebs admitting it “doesn’t work like that”, Charlotte posed the question: why doesn’t everyone just get a prenup?

Awkwardly the first person to pipe-up is her in-camp boyf, Ryan Gallagher.

“Because at the time you don’t want to really think about that and think, ‘Oh, that person’s going to leave me’,” Ryan said.

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Ryan and Charlotte’s intense jungle romance has gone from a light flirtation to spooning, cuddling and discussing their possible future together outside of camp, which the former ‘Geordie Shore’ star going so far as to joke about considering moving to Australia to be closer to the Goulburn lad.

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Charlotte had news for Ryan however if things DO get serious enough, she’ll be locking down that prenup.

“I would always get a prenup,” Charlotte said.

“I’ve got my own money, you’ve got your money. That’s the end of it. I don’t need nothing from no one in that sense,” she continued. 

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“From a marriage you just want love and care and commitment. I don’t need no money from a marriage. Why do you need anything else? That’s not what the agreement is. A marriage is for love, nothing else.”

Recently Charlotte admitted to her celeb campmates that she’s keen to settle down, pointing out that she and Ryan are both at the perfect age to start having kids.

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“I can actually picture our lives together,” Charlotte told Tanya Hennessy. “He’s 31, I’m 30 this year. We’re both at these perfect points in our life where… I had a chat with him where he was like, ‘I’m ready for children’, and today I thought so am I.”

The pair have come up against backlash from viewers who believe the whole arrangement is just a “showmance” to keep the pair in the jungle, with intruder Perez Hilton telling 10 daily he had plans to break the pair up when he entered the camp.

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