I’m A Celebrity 2020: Erin Barnett Reveals Who She Wants To Win And How She Slept With An Eyelash Brush

The fourth celebrity to be voted out of ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Australia’, Erin Barnett was full of surprises.

“I feel alive now that I’m out,” Erin told 10 daily soon after she left the jungle camp she had been calling home for the past few weeks.

“Now that I’ve chilled out for a bit I’m like… I could go back in there, but if someone said go I’d be like, ‘I’M JOKING! Please don’t make me go back’,” she said, laughing.

“I enjoyed the experience, I’m so happy I did it,” Erin said.

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I'm A Celebrity 2020: Erin Barnett Fourth Celeb To Leave The Jungle

Sadly, it was time for the former ‘Love Island’ star to pack up her eyelash brushes and farewell the jungle.

While she may have been happy she was part of the camp, she was clearly ecstatic to be leaving. When her name was called out by Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris, Erin lept out of her seat, ready to reacquaint herself with the real world.

“I started crying, I couldn’t believe in a couple of minutes I’d hear my partner’s voice, that just made me so happy. Everyone was crying,” she said, “I was like, ‘Stop crying! I get my freedom!’”

Known for her less-than-enthused reactions to camp meals, her gung-ho attitude when it came to trials, a completely unfiltered and hilarious sense of humour and those bloody perfect lashes, Erin surprised many of her campmates, as well as a lot of the audience back at home.

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I’m A Celebrity 2020: An Ode To Erin Barnett’s Eyelash Brushes

The reality star should have been on Love Eye-land.

“I knew I would be misjudged by everyone in [the camp] and on the outside,” Erin said. “I come across as materialistic, all about my looks and that, but what you saw in camp is exactly as I am at home… but I can flush the toilet.

“I just hoped everyone gave me a chance. I knew I’d be the youngest… the z-grade ‘celebrity’. I hoped they wouldn’t treat me just as a dumb blonde.”

Erin’s chosen charity was Endometriosis Australia, an organisation close to her heart as she suffers from endometriosis and PCOS.

She uses her social media following to raise awareness, give candid recommendations and share her own experience.

'I'm A Celebrity': Erin's Endometriosis Battle

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Erin Barnett’s Nightmare Year Inspired Her Jungle Adventure

Erin Barnett is ready to win ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ to cap off a nightmare year.

Only after she had left the camp did she find out that sharing her story with the other celebrities had brought Miguel Maestre to tears.

“I almost felt like crying when I saw Miguel get so emotional,” she admitted. “I’m so disconnected from the emotional side of it.

“When people get upset they’re feeling it from their own experience, he has a family so he couldn’t imagine his wife going through it. Whereas, it’s my life. I can’t comprehend the sadness.”

While many celebs attempted to sneak tea, coffee, salt, and snacks into the camp, Erin’s only priority when it came to contraband was her eyelash brush.

Once it was confiscated, it was only a matter of time until luxury items rolled into camp and Erin’s was -- unsurprisingly -- another eyelash brush.

I'm A Celebrity 2020: Erin Barnett Fourth Celeb To Leave The Jungle
Erin brushing her lashes. Photo: Network 10.

“Four weeks these have been… I had them on a week before I came here, so four weeks,” she said of her still perfect lashes. According to the former ‘Love Island’ star, keeping her treasured lashes in good condition kept her from crying.

Whipping out her beloved brush Erin apologised profusely. “It’s really embarrassing.” The plastic casing had a split down the side, there were bits missing.

“This is… this is ruined,” she said, defeated.

“I slept with it. I thought someone was going to play a bad trick on me and steal it so I slept in a lot of pain. I sleep on my right side and that’s the pocket it was in,” Erin said.

“I suffered in there!”

Suffer she did! From being covered with rats during her very first trial, slipping down some snotty stairs, flying off the side of a waterfall into the abyss or the infamous moment where she became well-acquainted with an impala anus, Erin tackled every trial head-on. Or… sometimes anus-on.

“I can say that I’ve eaten all that stuff, I got zapped to death, rolled down a bloody staircase and had rats on me to start the new year,” Erin said, adding, “who wouldn’t want that?”

“I think I accomplished a lot there.”

Despite being cheery after stepping back into the real world, Erin was adamant that people back at home know just how difficult the monotony of camp life can be.

“Waking up in the same spot every day… you’re around dirt. Never feeling clean is a very weird thing,” she said. And sure, there are showers for the campmates, but they’re not as warm as you’d hope.

“It’s freezing water,” she said, “I’m not even kidding. Everything you see on the show is 100 percent legit. The shower is cold water. The toilets are buckets. They’re buckets!

“I just can’t believe I’ve done this.”

Obviously Erin’s time in the camp has come to an end, but she has a clear celeb in mind for who she thinks will be taking out the top title.

“Rhonda. Rhonda has to win. If Rhonda doesn’t win, this is BS.

“Her age, the way she does things, who does that? She just kills it,” Erin said. “I think she’s 21, really. Can we see a license or a passport?”

Looking towards the future, Erin’s short term goals were simple: “A shower. Freedom. Driving my car? I don’t know what’s next for me,” she mused, I’m just going to take each day as it comes.

“I’d love to stay in TV, I’d love to do something fun again. But something that involves food every day though. Proper food. Not crocodile.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.