I’m A Celebrity 2020: Billy Brownless Is Out Of The Jungle And Ready For Love (But Won’t Be The Next Bachelor)

Following his time in the ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ camp, the AFL legend was surprisingly pleased by the experience.

“Before [the show] I wasn’t sure, I didn’t think about it too much,” he told 10 daily soon after leaving the jungle. “I thought I’d just go in there and see what happens.”

Now out of the camp, looking back at the two or so weeks he spent on the series Billy said he’s not ruling out realityTV in the future.

“It’s totally different from what you’re used to,” he said, “you really do crave or look forward to the little things.” Still, after admitting in camp that he was keen to get back into the dating scene, one show he immediately ruled out was ‘The Bachelor’.

“Oh no, no, I don’t think that’ll be happening to be honest,” the AFL legend said.

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“But it’s funny, you say that and think about it -- it would be nice to have a partner,” he continued, “someone to share even this. IT would be nice to phone your partner and say, ‘I’m still alive and can’t wait to see you’. But that’s not to be.

“We’ll find out. We’ll find someone down the track.”

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Part of Billy’s motivation to go into camp was to have a forced detox from things like coffee and more importantly beers. Shockingly, especially to Billy, he didn’t hate that aspect.

“If they would have brought me a beer in yesterday, I would have sat there and had it, but there was nothing I really craved for. It was good to have days off the grog because it’s hard to do in my game,” Billy said. “It’s bloody hard to do it ,and lose a bit of weight which is the other thing I wanted to do. Not to have a beer -- I can’t believe I’m saying that -- and to lose some weight.”

Billy was surprised at the connections he made in camp, allowing himself to settle into life in the jungle and become a bit more vulnerable with some of the other celebs and sharing parts of his life he may not have in his usual radio or TV gigs.

Forgetting he was wearing a microphone at times, Billy said sometimes it felt completely natural to just be having a chat with Rhonda Burchmore -- sharing some of his more personal experiences.

“You’re just down there washing the dishes, it’s just me and Rhonda having a chat. There’s cameras there, you know there are, but you forget you’re on air,” he said.

“You’d think, ‘Oh, what did I say? I hope I didn’t get anyone in trouble’ or things like that, but you forget about it.”

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! S6 -Billy Brownless

Making bonds in camp, Billy said he felt like he had forged some really strong bonds with the likes of Miguel, Dale, Ryan and Rhonda -- of course.

“Tom, who I didn’t know beforehand, good fella. Even Myf, they’re a bit older and my age group,” he said adding, “I don’t know how many concerts I’ll be going to with Tanya or Erin… to watch Justin Bieber or whatever it is. Probably won’t miss them, but that’s all part of the make-up.”

Admitting that there were definitely hard times -- the sleeping arrangements, not knowing what time it was and the lack of condiments and sauces -- overall he said his time in camp had been great.

“And if you ask me in two or three days, when I’ve showered up and slept and all that,” he said, “I’d say it’s a fantastic experience and I’m glad I did it.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.