'It's So Frustrating': Myf Warhurst Opens Up About The Difficulties Of Adoption And IVF In Australia

Speaking to US-based gossip guru and father-of-three Perez Hilton, Myf began the chat about his decision to have kids as a single parent through surrogacy.

Perez has two daughters and one son, Mario, Mia Alma and Mayte Amor. Each of Perez’s children have his DNA and eggs from the same anonymous donor, using a different surrogate each time.

In camp, he told Myf he had gotten to a comfortable point in his career where he wasn’t concerned with “the possibility of [his] career suffering” due to his commitments as a single parent which is why he decided to pursue surrogacy.

“I used an agency to guide me through the whole process, which can be quite complicated (and expensive),” Perez wrote in a personal essay for the Huffington Post in 2017.

In camp Perez revealed that the treatment cost him approximately USD$200,000 per child.

Myf Warhurst Opens Up About The Difficulties Of Adoption And IVF In Australia
The Aussie campmates were shocked at the cost of surrogacy in the United States. Photo: Network 10.

In the essay he also pointed out that, while adoption was an option, he had wanted to go down the surrogacy route to honour his father.

“While I don’t rule out adoption in the future, for me it was important to have kids with my DNA. My dad passed away when I was 15,” he wrote, “and having children is a way of him living on through them -- literally.”

Saying that just mentioning his kids brings a smile to his face, the gossip guru sits in camp with multicoloured hair and fingernails that he had previously revealed was an homage to his three kids.

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“The two pink stripes are for my daughters and the blue is for my son,” he told 10 daily.

While the cost of his surrogacy was a shock to some of the campers, Myf shared her own experiences with the Australian systems.

“I’m 46, I took the IVF road but I never finished it so I don’t know,” she said, adding, “and adoption is also really difficult in Australia, I’ve looked into that too.

“Especially if you’re single, it’s not an option. It’s not an option in some states,” she said.

Currently, single people are not eligible to adopt children in Victoria, however a single person can apply to become a ‘permanent carer’ of a child. It’s also understood that even in states that allow singles to apply for adoption, couples will always be prioritised.

“You can go into life thinking that you’ll tick off all those boxes but life’s not like that,” Myf said. “I think if there are options, people should talk about it. We should discuss it.”

Slamming Victoria’s rules against single people applying for adoption as ‘archaic’, Myf went on to say it’s an important topic to discuss. “I do think a lot of women who do feel like they’ve missed a window feel like that part might be over,” she said.

“It’s so frustrating, it seems so unfair that kids out there that need homes and there’s someone like me who is in a position to do it, and you just can’t. It’s not an option. Not even an option.”

According to, despite 30,000 children needing permanency, in 2017 only 315 adoptions were finalised in Australia.

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