I'm A Celebrity 2020: Cosentino Hypnotises Ryan Gallagher To The Amazement Of Camp

The master magician, illusionist and mentalist showcased some more of his skill when he turned the ‘Married At First Sight’ star into Rhonda Burchmore’s greatest competition.

Taking Ryan aside for a quick hypnotic sesh, Cosentino seemed to have very little resistance in putting the 31-year-old under his spell. Saying he would be completely conscious but that he’d just ‘feel an urge to do things’, Cos began putting Ryan under.

“Anybody can be hypnotised,” Cos later explained, “if they’re suggestible, if they’re willing. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

“It’s someone who actually listens to what you’re telling them and takes in the instruction and goes with it.”

Testing that Ryan had ‘gone with it’, Cos was able to plant the idea that Ryan was the world’s greatest tap dancer, and he was going to give his campmates the performance of a lifetime.

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I'm A Celebrity 2020: Cosentino Has Spooked The Camp With An Astonishing Magic Trick

The camp's resident magician has left the celebs completely gobsmacked after showing off his "superhuman" powers.

After waking him back up, Cos brought Ryan back into camp and they mingled around for a bit, discussing Ryan’s strange feelings while he was under.

Then, to the joy of the other campmates (especially Myf), Cos woke the tap dancer hidden inside of Ryan.

“I thought it hadn’t worked because he came and sat up next to us and said he couldn’t feel his arms and stuff,” Myf said before watching Ryan tap his way around the camp.

Cosentino Hypnotises Ryan Gallagher And Amazes Camp
Erin Barnett couldn't work out if she was impressed or horrified by Cosentino's hypnotism of Ryan Gallagher. Photo: Network 10.

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“It was the best!” she said, still cracking up and telling Ryan, “it was the world’s best tap dance.”

While it was all good fun, it’s actually very rare to be able to see Cos’ methods in the works. Early versions of the Commercial TV Industry Code of Practice actually stated that it was against the code to “depict the actual process of putting a subject into a hypnotic state”.

More recent versions of the Australian code have removed this proviso, but it still exists in the UK’s Ofcom Broadcasting Code because there’s a risk that viewers themselves could be hypnotised from home.

“The hypnotist must not broadcast his/her full verbal routine or be shown performing straight to camera,” Ofcom’s code stipulates.

So, if you found yourself tapping your toes at home… you know why!

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