'My Obsession Runs Deep': James Mathison Reveals The 'Australian Survivor' Gig He Always Wanted

James Mathison is set to host the all-new 'Talking Tribal' with fan favourite Luke Toki -- but he nearly ended up in a very different role.

Speaking to 10 daily after wrapping one of the first episodes of the new web series, James explained that he originally wanted to be the guy snuffing out torches and whispering, "the tribe has spoken".

"When 10 picked it up, I was so excited I made a video pitching myself to host 'Australian Survivor'," the former 'Idol' host said. 

"And then I saw JLP [host Jonathan LaPaglia] get announced and I thought, ‘Man, I could have done this!’"

He said it wasn't until he sat down to watch JLP's impeccable tribal council interrogation skills that he conceded, "Oh okay this makes sense, he is the guy for the job".

But years later, James is finally getting to host a 'Survivor' show and will be untangling alliances, unpacking blindsides and anticipating big moves.

"My obsession runs deep and long and, [I'd make] any excuse to be involved," James told 10 daily. 

“'Survivor' is one of those shows where there is so much to talk about, so many permutations, so much strategy, so many scenarios that could play out -- it’s not like any other television show.”

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The upcoming 'All Stars' season is expected to be so jam-packed full of mystery, strategy, and energy so it's a relief to know that some of our most burning questions will be answered over at 'Talking Tribal'.

James explained that the series (launching this week on 10 Play and 10 Speaks) will be "the sort of conversations people will be having with their roommates, with their family about what’s going to happen next". 

"'Talking Tribal' will be actually giving them an avenue for that where we can actually dig deeper in a lot of those conversations," he added.

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Along with 'Survivor' expert Shannon Gaitz, he'll be poring over 'All Stars' episodes with the People's Champion and certified King of the Jungle, Luke Toki, who James said he's been "bombarding" with questions.

"It’s amazing to have someone who’s played the game and can shed light on what the guys are going through in each episode," James said. 

"He thinks about it much more deeply than I do because he’s played it and he also understands that you have to be four or five steps ahead," he continued, describing Luke's natural 'Survivor' instincts. 

Photo: Network 10.

"Whereas I’m probably thinking how to get the numbers for the next couple of weeks, he’s four or five weeks ahead."

James' obvious enthusiasm for the game made us wonder, will we ever see him on a 'Champions vs Contenders' series?

"Oh my god, in a second, I’d love to do it."

Talking Tribal. Premieres Friday, 31 January At 4pm. Only On 10 Play And 10 Speaks.