Comedian Steph Tisdell Needs Her Own Talkshow, But Until Then She's Happy Doling Out Advice To Mates

Steph Tisdell might be the first person to join ‘Hughesy, We Have A Problem’ who has a solid history of dishing out useful advice.

Speaking to 10 daily over the phone, the Yidinji comedian explained that while she might not listen to her own wise words, she has “a lot of friends who exclusively come to me with their issues”. 

“I really like offering support and guidance to people,” she said. “I like to challenge people a lot… in Yu-Gi-Oh!” she laughs. 

“Nah only kidding, remember Yu-Gi-Oh!?” she asks of the late ‘90s trading card game. 

It makes sense that Steph’s style of comedy (“truth-telling through jokes”) sits comfortably with her knack for solving problems -- both revolve around the kind of observations about human beings and their insecurities that most people might miss.  

“My friend over Christmas was thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend and my immediate reaction was that she was possibly overreacting or being a bit unfair. I knew it was because she was feeling insecure. So I broke the situation down and said, ‘Why do you think in this instance that this is the problem?’

“You kind of let them figure it out themselves,” she said, adding that one of her friends even commits her words to memory. 

“One of my best mates, she honestly will call me and say, ‘Steph, I don’t know what to do’ and I’ll talk to her about it and she’ll say, 'hold on a second can you say that again I’m just writing it down'.”



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Coming up with solutions to dilemmas is something that Steph gets to sink her teeth into in the upcoming ‘Hughesy, We Have A Problem’ but it’s also clear that she has all the makings of a seasoned chat show host herself. 

“That is literally my dream is to have my own talk show!” she tells 10 daily, citing Bert Newton as one of her idols. “I’m obsessed with Bert Newton, I love him, I think he’s the funniest person alive”. 

Steph’s newest project ‘Baby Beryl' is actually set up in the style of a talk show that explores how our names can end up influencing our lives, and even our looks. 

“I was reading up on this stuff where they’ve created AI that’s given a list of names and a list of faces and they know which people are named what,” she said. “We end up looking like what our names are... there’s all this interesting stuff about names that blows my mind,” she told 10 daily. 



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'Baby Beryl' and the discussion about names is an opportunity for Steph to engage with her audience and let them feel the boost that stepping on stage gives her.

“I reckon it’s so weird that we hold people in higher esteem than ourselves,” she said, adding that performing has a way of levelling the playing field for her.

“Comedy brings confidence for me because you get this real joy of making people feel good in the moment or giving them some respite from their own thoughts,” she said.

“I reckon a lot of people would like to feel that, and I reckon everybody’s story is inspirational because it’s just about living and being part of this community and surviving it,” Steph added. 

Baby Beryl will be making her way through Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney over the next few months and Steph will also be performing at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Comedy Steps Up For Bushfire Relief show on March 16. 

“I’m freaking out, it’s very cool that I get to be on that lineup and very, very cool that I get to give back [to bushfire relief],” she said of the event that’s also featuring Julia Morris, Tim Minchin, Kitty Flanagan and Arj Barker. 

When we asked Steph if she knew what kind of set she’d be performing at the Opera House, she responded immediately. 

“Absolutely not! Oh, I’ll probably get a titty out,” she laughed, describing her very visual favourite joke of the moment. 

You can watch Steph Tisdell on 'Hughesy, We Have A Problem' tonight on 10 from 9pm. You can also check out her Baby Beryl tour schedule on her website.

Main Image: Network 10.