‘I Was Hurt And Betrayed’: Perez Hilton Dishes On Lady Gaga Feud

The newest member in camp comes armed with some great stories about Hollywood’s A-list, and his new campmates couldn’t wait to hear about some of his most iconic feuds.

Speaking to the camp, Perez Hilton explained what went down between him and Lady Gaga.

“We used to be really good friends, then we had a falling out,” he said.

“Everybody here has experienced fame to some degree but -- and this is not an insult -- not a single person in this camp has experienced fame like Lady Gaga did,” Perez continued. “When you have that kind of fame, it really warps your entire life, your perception, how people treat you.”

Saying that he felt betrayed, with the power of hindsight Perez acknowledged that, at the time their relationship was breaking down, “she was going through a lot”.

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Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton in 2009. Photo: Jesse Grant / WireImage via Getty Images.

In a 2013 interview with Howard Stern, Gaga told her side of the story saying she felt like the blogger ‘harassed’ her during an interview.

“He started asking me really terrible questions, and he was being very negative about ‘Born This Way’,” she said referring to her third studio album.

“He was supposed to be my friend and I felt betrayed, so I started crying.”

“And then he apologised, but I sort of felt like it was like, 'But I'm Perez Hilton so I'm allowed to treat you this way.' I looked at him and said, 'Just because you are who you are, does not mean that our friendship doesn't mean anything when the cameras turn on. So, now I see who you really are.' And I was done after that.”

Gaga also referred to texts she received from Perez mocking her injury in 2013 when she broke her hip and was wheelchair bound.

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'I'm So Over Them': Perez Hilton Is Heading Into The Jungle To Break Up Charlotte Crosby And Ryan Gallagher

It has been the talk of the camp all season, but ‘I’m A Celebrity’ intruder Perez Hilton said breaking up Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher is ‘one of his goals’.

The feud continued to get ugly when Gaga accused the blogger of stalking her when he was found viewing apartments in her building. Perez said he had no idea he was viewing properties in her building. Later releasing a statement Perez said, “The suggestion that I pose a danger to GaGa is preposterous, if fans want to send a message of support to her, they should buy her music.”

Back in camp the blogger said the Oscar-winner has never reached out to him in the years since.

“I have reached out to her to apologise, even though I don’t think I was in the wrong. I still apologised because she felt hurt. I was hurt and betrayed and stabbed in the back but it was never my intention to hurt her.”

Erin then quizzed the newest campmate on if he had ever written about any of the celebs in camp, with Perez turning to Charlotte Crosby wondering if he had written about here. A cursory search through his archives only resulted in one story where Charlotte was included in FHM’s Sexiest Woman World List.

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