'Pashed And Dashed': Charlotte Crosby And Ryan Gallagher Share Steamy Kiss In Camp

For the first time in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ history things are getting steamy in camp, with Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher moving from kissing... to kissing WITH TONGUES.

Yes, the couple finally took the next step and had a massive pash after an ongoing flirtation which began on day one.

It’s been an interesting, bumpy road for the pair who flirted during the very first trial before they had even entered camp -- with Ryan bargaining a kiss out of Charlotte if he successfully bungeed out of a helicopter.

Once Charlotte’s bunk began to get soaked during heavy rains, she was able to make excuses to sneak her way into Ryan’s bed, and eventually the pair got to move closer together after the former 'Married at First Sight' star made a deal with Dilruk Jayasinha to swap beds in exchange for one portion of meat.

On Sunday, as Ryan was getting ready to have a shower, Charlotte plopped herself on the sink -- the hallowed spot where she not only first attempted to pash Ryan (before ripping her shorts) but also where she decided to have a bath that got her in a lot of trouble with the powers that be.

There’s so much history in that camp and we’re barely two weeks into things.

While the pair clashed earlier in the day over the nature of influencers and their impact on society, things seemed to have settled down by the evening where they shared a very intimate kiss.

In a way that only Charlotte can, screaming “I’M SHY” and sprinting to the Tok Tokkie to talk through her feelings, Ryan was left post-kiss to shower in peace. Sort of.

“I just kissed Ryan with tongues,” she said flustered. “I pashed and dashed. It was a good kiss.”

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'Pashed And Dashed': Charlotte Crosby And Ryan Gallagher Finally Lock Lips In The Jungle
#Rylotte confirmed. Photo: Network 10.

Back in camp and reunited, the pair discussed why it had taken so long for the kiss to happen.

“I wasn’t forcing you, I was waiting until you were ready,” Ryan said, adding, “because you’re freshly out of a relationship and just want to be friends.”

It’s been an ongoing debate between the lovebirds with Charlotte only recently ending a two-year relationship with ex Joshua Ritchie.

The very public split was made all the more public after Josh announced he was joining the new season of ‘Celebs Go Dating’ just weeks after they broke up.

Before she went into the jungle Charlotte told 10 daily she was looking for romance but didn’t want to fall into her usual habits of falling head over heels straight away.

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'Pashed And Dashed': Charlotte Crosby And Ryan Gallagher Finally Lock Lips In The Jungle
"I just kissed Ryan... with tongues." Photo: Network 10.

“I need some time to be single and have fun,” she said at the time. “Don’t get us wrong, if there’s some fit boy in there who I fancy... I might have a bit of a neck on. I’m not ruling that out but I’m not looking for a boyfriend. That’s the last thing I’m looking for.”

As the world watches on, the camp’s love story is about to be rocked by intruder Perez Hilton who also revealed his plans to disrupt the honeymoon.

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Telling 10 daily that he planned to ‘break them up’, Perez said he had already begun strategising how to approach Charlotte and Ryan.

Things are about to get very interesting.

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