‘I Just Wanted A Chance To Be A Hero’: Nikki Osborne Dishes On Unlikely Friendships And Her Babysitting Nightmare

Fresh out of the jungle, comedian Nikki Osborne sat down with 10 daily, sighed and asked: “What was that?”

Surviving a little over two weeks in the jungle, Nikki admitted she was disappointed to be the second celeb to farewell the camp, but also quietly relieved.

“It’s been approaching my son’s birthday and I was getting teary about that,” she said. “I’m quite relieved to get out."

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When Nikki Osborne began her comedy career she started writing a show titled ‘On The Spectrum’ about her son Teddy, who was diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

“I get to enjoy the rest of the school holidays with them, but I still did something kind of epic, so I think Australia has done me a favour,” she added.

Looking down at herself she also threw her hands in the air, exclaiming, “I’m getting really skinny, too! I was losing my tits!

“I’m looking at them shrinking like, noooooo! Come back! I ate everything that was on my plate, everything. I was on a mission like I must, I must, I must maintain my bust!

“The last thing I wanted to be was the skinny bitch on telly all the women hate. That was not my mission. I wanted to be relatable and I’m turning into f**king Barbie on national television in the most grueling environment ever.”

"I just wanted a chance to be a hero, instead of just ending up vomiting," she said. And a hero she was. Nikki's time in the jungle was in support of Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), and she took every opportunity to remind the audience of that and to educate them on her experiences raising a son on the spectrum.

"I felt like I wasn't just speaking for me," she said. "I was speaking on behalf of everybody and there's strength in that.

"I thought, 'I'm going to speak on behalf of everyone that's been through it and try to give Australia a bit of a slap around the face, to go wake up and learn up. Read up.' It's still so misunderstood."

While many of the celebs get stressed right before entering camp when their phones are taken off them, Nikki had extra reason to panic. An hour before she went into lockdown her babysitter pulled out.

“I was like oh, sh*t. What do I do?! And then they took my phone.

“Not being able to help and not knowing what the kids are going to be doing every day or how my husband’s going to get to work with the kids,” she said. “That had me freaking out. There wasn’t much I could do about it but just sit and fester on the worst-case scenarios all day.”

Thankfully camp life was pretty harmonious -- or as Nikki eloquently put it: “I thought there’d be a few wankers in there and there were no wankers.”

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One friendship she really didn’t expect was with former ‘Love Island’ star Erin Barnett. “She was the one I went oh, here we go.”

But Erin soon proved she was more than just a walking advertisement for eyelash brushes.

“If she ever saw me struggling she’d pull me out,” Nikki said. “She’s got sass, she’s feisty so I ended up having a lot of respect for Erin. Probably the most in camp.”

The other surprise was former ‘Married At First Sight’ star Ryan Gallagher. “We just clicked,” Nikki said, “I had heard of him but he had been following my Bush Barbie videos, he knew me.”

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Comedian Nikki Osborne broke down in tears in camp on Sunday, struggling with being away from home.

The pair have been talking about doing radio together, utilising their natural chemistry and similar senses of humour.

Looking back on the past few weeks Nikki said although the experience was tougher than she thought, she didn’t regret her time in the jungle.

“I’ve come out with my sanity, with more friends and with more followers,” she said flicking her hair before pausing and adding, “I think. I haven’t seen my phone yet! I think my husband still loves me…”

As for what she’s actually learned about herself, Nikki said, “I learned that I need more self-growth.

“I’ve been so fixated on the show, I’m always working on producing shows and that one hour that people see of me. I think I need to work on being comfortable and proud of who I am behind the show.

“I know I’m a decent person,” she continued, “but I just feel like I lost my sparkle. I think that was because I didn’t have people around me boosting me up all the time. I obviously lean too much on others to really shine. I need to be able to do that myself.’

As for what’s next, Nikki couldn’t help but have one last lighthearted dig at campmate Charlotte Crosby.

“There’s a few things I want to do. Obviously I want to be an influencer now because I have such respect for them,” she said with a laugh.

On a more serious note, after having the ability to speak about and educate the audience on her experiences raising a son with autism, Nikki said she hopes to revive her first stand-up show ‘On The Spectrum’.

“I did a brief tour two years ago but that was when I was very misunderstood and so were my intentions,” she said. “If that resonated with people I may bring that to capital cities and regional areas.

"I may end up doing a Bush Barbie show as well.”

Not wanting to commit to anything before she went into the jungle, Nikki said she wasn’t sure what the Aussie public was going to resonate with.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be the cynical bitch, if I was going to follow the ‘Spectrum’ thing or if Bush Barbie was going to be a big thing,” she said before realising her time in the jungle was a lot more well rounded.

“So… my show will be called ‘On The Bush Spectrum Barbie: Tales from a Cynical Bitch Influencer’,” she said, laughing.

While her official plans are still being locked in, she definitely has one plan she’ll be sticking to.

“I might straight the beach a bit in my mankini. Even though it looks like an old man mankini now because it ended up so baggy.

“Look out, Gold Coast beach, I’m going to give those other leather bags a run for their money!”

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