‘I Just Want To Go Home’: Myf Warhurst Pushed To The Edge (Literally) In Terrifying Trial

After being voted out of the jungle, Dilruk Jayasinha nominated Ryan Gallagher, Myf Warhust and Erin Barnett to take on the ‘Scariest Trial Ever Done’.

After ziplining across a gorge to the stunning Lisbon Falls, Ryan, Myf and Erin would then be strapped to an inflatable raft and pushed down a slide, before attempting to set off four flares.

At the end of the slide was a gorgeous, terrifying 94-metre drop, which left the celebs dangling over the raging river below.

It’s not easy, especially for the three selected celebs who have all voiced their fear of heights.

‘I Just Want To Go Home’: Myf Warhurst Pushed To The Edge (Literally) In Terrifying Trial
It's a no from us, thanks. Photo: Network 10.

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But this isn’t the first time Myf has tested her fears, on the very first night she -- along with Ryan, Charlotte Crosby, Miguel Maestre and Tom Williams -- was tasked with bungee jumping out of a helicopter.

“That seems like a nice little ride compared to this,” Myf said looking out at the stunning view, and the terrifying green slide waiting for her.

Despite being terrified of heights, Ryan managed to make it across in good spirits, joking about the flattering harness on his way to slide into the abyss.

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While Erin struggled to strike all four targets, she still managed the trial mostly with ease. Then it was all down to poor, terrified Myf.

Before heading into camp Myf told 10 daily her good mate, ‘Eurovision’ co-host and former ‘I’m A Celeb’ alum Joel Creasey had told her to enjoy the trials as much as possible. “There’s so little to do in [camp] that the trials actually become really exciting,” she said.

“But I’m scared of heights, creepy crawlies… snakes. All the things. I figure I’m not alone, everyone’s got those, right? Like who could hold a spider with glee? Not me. And not many people… so we’ll give it a go.”

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‘I Just Want To Go Home’: Myf Warhurst Pushed To The Edge (Literally) In Terrifying Trial
No, absolutely not. Photo: Network 10.

And give it a go she did. In tears, Myf climbed aboard and sailed across the zipline before knocking down all four targets, taking the team’s star tally to ten.

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