'I Do Have My Favourites': Luke Toki Is Going To Spill Survivor Secrets On 'Talking Tribal'

Fan favourite Luke Toki is heading back to the world of ‘Survivor’ in a very different role.

Instead of putting himself through the physical, mental and emotional challenges of the competition, he’s going to be using his insider knowledge to bring us a weekly web series called ‘Talking Tribal’

The King of the Jungle will be taking his place in front of the whiteboard as Professor Toki -- an expert who’s earned his Survivor PhD on the ground in Season 2 (Samoa) and Season 4 (Champions vs Contenders) with a skilled social game and a knack for strategy. 

And with ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’  -- there’s going to be a lot of strategy to unpack. 

“You’ve got 24 people that know how to play the game so everyone’s talking strategy,” Luke told 10 daily ahead of the ‘All Stars’ and ‘Talking Tribal’ premieres, adding that, ”everyone’s trying to make sure the vote’s not on them. 

Luke's mate David Genat is heading back for Season 5. Image: Network 10.

“That gives the viewer crazy-ass tribals and crazy-ass scrambles. When they know that they’re on the chopping block, they scramble.”

Luke is going to be taking us by the hand and untangling these scrambles with a parade of special Survivor guests and the help of super fan and TV host extraordinaire, James Mathison. 

But while the 'Talking Tribal' panel will meticulously pore over the gameplay of ‘All Stars’ from afar -- Luke admits that some of his insight will be biased towards his ‘Survivor’ family -- the people he’s formed close friendships with after late nights spent scheming on the beach. 

“To be truthful, I’ve still got my favourites and I am kind of leaning towards my seasons and the guys on there,” he told 10 daily. 

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Luke will be watching his former competitors AK, Jericho, Henry and Tarzan from Season 2 as well as David and Harry from Season 4, and will be quietly (or not so quietly) rooting for his pals.

“Naturally, I think that’s what happens when you spend such a long time with people. I am a bit subjective and I do have my favourites. I don’t know if I’m trying to be neutral on the show [Talking Tribal] but it’s hard not to feel a little bit upset if your guys have a bad run. 

“It’s also the fact that it is such a cutthroat game out there,” he said of having to potentially watch his mates get hammered by the Survivor Gods. 

But it’s a cutthroat game with an addictive allure -- one that Luke said he’d have “normally have said yes to head back there and give it another crack”. 

“Unfortunately everyone’s life has different things that prevent them from spending that time and you’ve got to commit to win. Otherwise, what are you committing to? To come second?”

Can Luke's mate Jericho Malabonga become Sole Survivor again? Image: Network 10.

Luke's decision to play this round of Survivor from Australia means he knows how much the All Stars are putting on the line to compete again.

“To watch all these guys put their family on the backburner and go out there and put their legacy on the line. 

“A lot of them are there because they’ve got good legacies and you can potentially ruin that,” he said. 

Having Professor Toki on the bench means that us non-Survivors will be able to get a step closer to understanding what it's like to be constantly scrambling away from having your name written down at Tribal.

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"Being able to explain to the people at home, it's not as easy as one, two, three," Luke said, describing the 'Survivor' mentality. 

"When you are on the bottom, you’re fighting to get out -- that could be creating little lies or pulling out little tricks.

"It’s nearly like a round, you go to tribal, and when everyone wants you out and you survive that one round, it’s like walking out of the ring after Mike Tyson just came at you."

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' premieres on February 3. Only on 10 and WIN Network.
'Talking Tribal' premieres Friday, 31 January at 4pm on 10 Play and 10 Speaks.