Dale Thomas And Billy Brownless Talk About How AFL And Pay Packets Have Changed

AFL legends Billy Brownless and Dale ‘Daisy’ Thomas spoke about how the game has changed over the years.

Explaining to the campmates that ‘back in the day’ Billy held down a day-job in order to supplement his footy career. Working at a bank during the day, Billy said he was paid $120,000 at the height of his career.

Around the year 2000 salaries increased, as were the expectations and demands, meaning players became full-time.

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“Back then it wasn’t bad,” Billy said, adding, “My boy Oscar got drafted last year and he’s on $80,000.” Oscar doesn’t pay rent for two years and also receives bonuses of $4,000 a game.

“If you draft a player or put him on your list,” Billy continued, “It’s a big commitment. You’re paying him but also what you’re providing and the facilities...”

Image: Network 10.

Dale jumped in, talking about how, once you’re on the payroll you immediately become an ambassador for the club.

“So if you draft a dickhead and he goes out, get done drunk-driving it reflects as much on the club as it does on the person,” he said.

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Dale was in hot water last year after he was caught drinking at a Camp Quality event two days before a game. The charity lunch was said to have raised approximately $370,000 for sick kids, but the night also led to a suspension for Daisy.

Explaining to Cosentino that clubs will go through “everything” and even speak to old teachers and principals during the vetting process.

Image: Network 10.

“They rang up the teacher that hated me the most,” Dale said. “She said, ‘Look, if you want a student he’s not for you… but if you want a footballer he’ll be brilliant.’

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