I'm A Celebrity 2020: Celebs In Tears Talking About Causes Close To Their Hearts

In a heartfelt chat, the 13 celebrities each shared which charity they’re supporting, and what it means to them.

Sitting around the campfire, the celebs each took a turn to explain which charity they had decided to support and why it was close to their heart.

The celebs are in the camp hoping to be crowned king or queen of the jungle so they can win $100,000 for a charity of their choosing. This year causes range from Beyond Blue to Red Kite.

“When we talked about our charities it was like a refresher, reset button,” Tanya Hennessy said. “This is why we’re here. We need this awareness for our charities and this is what we’re fighting for.”

Supporting R U OK? -- the same charity Miguel Maestre also selected -- Tanya told the celebs, “They say that a problem shared is a problem halved and I think not enough people talk about how the state they’re in which leads them to make a really horrific life decision.

“I’m here because I spoke about it,” she continued, “and I want more people to talk about it so they can stay here as well because the suicide statistics are horrific.”

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While the celebs face terrifying trials, give up their creature comforts for creepy crawlies and vie for the title of King or Queen of the jungle, it’s all for a very good cause.

I'm A Celebrity 2020: Celebs In Tears Talking Charities
Ryan and Tanya spoke about the personal connections they have to their chosen charities. Photo: Network 10.

Myf spoke about her charity, Pets Of The Homeless, and the work they do “keeping best friends together”, while Dilruk spoke about Shake It Up and his father’s Parkinson’s diagnosis -- something both Rhonda and Ryan could relate to with Ryan’s dad also diagnosed with the disease and Rhonda admitting that her father died of Parkinson’s.

She then went on to speak about NeuRA, her charity which supports research into multiple system atrophy, a rare disease that Rhonda has called the “cruellest disease” she’s ever seen.

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“My beautiful sister, who was my best friend, my soulmate, I remember the day she rang and said ‘I’ve been diagnosed with this disease: multiple system atrophy’, and I said, ‘what the heck is that?’

“She fought so hard for every day of her life. She’d say, ‘One more day. I’m not going’. She thought she could beat it. That’s the reason I’m in the jungle,” Rhonda said in tears, “When people see this demonic creature [during Tucker Trials], that’s who I’m doing it for.

I'm A Celebrity 2020: Celebs In Tears Talking Charities
Rhonda Burchmore in tears speaking about her sister's battle with multiple system atrophy. Photo: Network 10.

“She couldn’t fight her battle, and she tried so hard. This is nothing for us, that’s why I’m here.”

Nikki also Became emotional when she started talking about her charity, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).

“Autism is an epidemic,” she told the celebs, “it’s everywhere. Kids are getting diagnosed everywhere… it’s so misunderstood.”

Nikki’s son Teddy was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. Telling the campmates some of her experiences raising Teddy and the stigma she faced, Nikki said, “My son really couldn’t wear clothes because it felt like needles in his body. Couldn’t wear shoes.

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“I’d try to take him to cafes or something, to do something normal. Women would tut-tut me, because he wasn’t dressed properly. Because they don’t understand. That’s the awareness we don’t have.

Explaining that Aspect works with families to create awareness around those on the autism spectrum, Nikki said, “It’s not weird. It’s just someone having a hard time.

“I want it to become normal for the abnormal. Someone should be able to say yeah, I have autism. There should be no shame.”

You can find out more about all of the celebrities and their chosen charities here.

'I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!' will be matching dollar for dollar all the proceeds raised in support of the celebrities’ chosen charities to the Rural Fire Service and other charities supporting those affected by the bushfires.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.