'There's A Lot Of Negativity': Robbie Williams Explains Why He Prefers Aussie Crowds

Robbie Williams has explained the reason he's always keen to sing to Australian audiences.

Sitting down to chat with Lisa Wilkinson for 'The Project' the entertainer explained that he gets a special kind of reception when he plays gigs Down Under.

"I say this all the time about Australia but in the UK where I’ve had tremendous success and great fans, there’s also a sort of tall poppy syndrome that comes with being from your own country where there’s a lot of negativity that comes your way."

He continued on to explain to Lisa that, "in Australia, it just seems that I’m allowed to be me". 

Image: Network 10.

The Take That star turned solo powerhouse went on to tell Lisa that his identity was shaped from entering the entertainment industry at such a young age.

"I auditioned for a band when I was 15, I got in when I was 16, we became hugely famous when I was 17 and then the sort of rocket has never stopped," Williams said. 

"How can I possibly say that what I’ve achieved and everything that’s come my way, all of the good things I would have liked to have not happened to me in the way that they’ve happened to me," he said of his no-regrets attitude. 

But as to whether he'd wish the same life journey for his children?

"No, I wouldn’t.

"Did I survive? And is my life better having experienced all of those things? Yes, it is."

Image: Network 10.

Williams met his wife Ayda Field shortly before he entered rehab for the last time and the couple wed in 2010. The couple have three kids together, Teddy, Collette and Charlton.

The "Kids" singer insisted that while he's definitely a "softie" as a parent, he's also wary of raising his kids to avoid arrogance.

"I only pretend to be arrogant, I’m not really," he said of his stage persona."But like pomposity, arrogance and ill manners just make my skin crawl". 

"And any sign of that in my kids, I do come down like a ton of bricks. That being said, I’m full of praise when they get things right and 95 percent of the time, they’re getting things right."

You can watch Lisa's full interview with Robbie in the video above. 

Main Image: Network 10.