Dilruk Jayasinha Reveals His Biggest 'I’m A Celebrity' Disappointment

While some of the celebs have roared in protest, the first celeb booted from the jungle was desperately wishing you’d voted him into more tucker trials.

“I think it was like 10 days in a row,” he said of the time spent between heading into the jungle and his first trial, “that was really tough because each time a camp member went off on a trial you’re just left to your own devices.

Despite the lag between trials, Dilruk did end up in a massive tombola alongside fellow comedian Nikki Osborne. Though they were drenched in all sorts of horrors -- like giant hissing cockroaches and biting ants -- Dil looked like he was having an absolute blast the entire time.

“I’m an attention seeker,” he said, “if I know there’s an audience or I’m being listened to, that’s when my insecurities kick in and [it helps] me elevate myself a bit better.

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I’m A Celebrity 2020: Dilruk Jayasinha The First Celeb Out Of The Jungle

The comedian was the first to farewell the jungle.

“The camp environment was more about me just connecting with people -- trials were a chance for me to be a bit more of a clown.”

While he initially thought he was going to struggle to live in the camp, things were a lot easier than he expected. The beds weren’t as uncomfortable as he assumed they’d be, and the ambiance of camp didn’t include the persistent hum of mozzies and other pests.

“I was worried about having more buzzing around my face,” he said explaining the hot pink, fuzzy earmuffs he picked as his one luxury item. They weren’t as some may have assumed, to block out the noise of his other campmates.

Despite having worked with Nikki before, Dilruk also found out during his time in camp that he was partly behind her move into the world of stand-up comedy.

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‘I Don’t Deserve To Treat Myself Well’: Dilruk Jayasinha Speaks Candidly About Self-Worth, Alcohol And Food

The comedian opened up to campmates about the years he spent getting “blackout drunk”.

“[We] met at an audition for another Channel 10 show, ‘Cram’," he said.

"She was an actor at the time and I said to her that I find it incredible, the resilience you need to have as an actor.

“As a stand-up, no matter what happens I always have a comedy club I can perform in. I’m not waiting for a casting director to pick me, I get to create my own work and perform it on a nightly basis if I chose to.”

That really resonated with Nikki, whose first stand-up show ‘On The Spectrum’ debuted in April 2018.

Dilruk Jayasinha Reveals His Biggest ‘I’m A Celebrity’ Disappointment
Dilruk and Nikki celebrating their trial performance by getting as close to solid ground as possible. Photo: Network 10.

That wasn’t the only thing Dilruk learned in the jungle -- during his time there he began to confirm something he had already seen in the months leading up to heading into camp.

“After doing a lot of physical challenges for myself in my own life like running a marathon,” he said, “I started to realise that I’m a lot more physically resilient than I thought I was.

“I thought I was someone who would just throw in the towel as soon as I could, so when I did those things like the marathon I was like... maybe I’m not as soft as I thought I was.”

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Scared Of Everything, Especially Losing Tinder: Dilruk Jayasinha Is Ready To Conquer The Jungle

In 2018 comedian Dilruk Jayasinha made a bet with a mate to see who could be the first to get their weight to under 100 kilos.

Taking that into camp, Dilruk was able to approach some of the harder aspects, like the lack of food and sleeping in the great outdoors and even the trials he did with a better mindset.

“I was just like, yeah. I’m a lot stronger than what I told myself I was for 30 years. If anything, it just confirmed I’m capable of taking more hits moving forward than I thought I was.”

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I'm A Celebrity 2020: The Charities Each Celeb Is Playing For

While the celebs face terrifying trials, give up their creature comforts for creepy crawlies and vie for the title of King or Queen of the jungle, it’s all for a very good cause.

Dilruk was in the jungle supporting Shake It Up Australia, an organisation that helps fund and support researching Parkinson’s, a disease his dad was diagnosed with. Having that cause in the back of his mind was “a huge motivator” to the comedian.

“I just wanted to make sure that even if I didn’t go all the way through, that people were aware of the foundation and, hopefully, if there was someone who has that condition that didn’t think to seek help from them, maybe look at seeing what Shake It Up does and seeing if they can help.”

No stranger to being away from his family who all live in Sri Lanka while he’s based in Melbourne, Dilruk said his family felt like a “double-edged sword”.

“They’re the thing that inspires you, but at the same time, it’s the reason you can feel a bit down because you’re away from them.”

While his time in the jungle may be up, Dilruk is just hitting the road again with his latest stand-up show ‘Victorious Lion’ -- based on the translation of his last name.

“It starts off in Perth, then Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney,” he said. “I’ll be all over the place touring that, and hopefully I’ll have a couple of stories from the jungle to share”.

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