'We Would Never Kiss With Tongues': Charlotte Crosby Says Relationship With Ex Joshua Ritchie Was 'All Wrong'

The former ‘Geordie Shore’ star opened up about the break-down in her relationship with her ex Joshua Ritchie.

Speaking to Tanya Hennessy and Myf Warhurst, the outspoken reality star called the relationship “all wrong”.

“Because of what he did, he did show his true colours,” Charlotte said, revealing that Josh had begged her to “be respectful” in the breakup despite signing up for Channel 4’s dating show ‘Celebs Go Dating’ just weeks after they broke up.

“I was like yeah, of course, I would never do nothing. And then two weeks later the promo, he’s dancing around in this video going, ‘Can’t wait to meet new girls. I’ve just come out of a toxic relationship’, holding his willy going, ‘I’ve got a lot to offer’.”

Image: Network 10.

Charlotte said at the time she first saw the promo she was still in love with 25-year-old Josh.

In a recent chat with UK-based entrepreneur and YouTuber Matt Haycox, Josh admitted he messaged Charlotte after their breakup, “because I wanted to see what she wanted to do with our relationship”.

“I told her I wanted a couple of days to think about things,” he said, admitting that he opted not to mention his involvement with ‘Celebs Go Dating’.

"When I signed up for it, she took to social media and was like, ‘I can’t believe he’d done this, we only split up a couple of weeks ago’. The thing is I told you where my head was at, and you ain’t giving me no time of day, so why should I be waiting for you?”

Image: Network 10.

Saying the relationship had gotten “nasty” is one thing Josh and Charlotte agree on, with her telling Myf and Tanya in camp that it was “all wrong”.

Charlotte said Josh wouldn’t hold her hand.

“There was no affection. We would never kiss with tongues. It would be lucky if we kissed once a day,” she said before revealing in bed they’d “never spoon”. Something Myf accurately described as a dealbreaker.

Later Charlotte said she wasn’t sad about the breakup, describing herself as in a much better place.

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Heading into the jungle, Charlotte told 10 daily it would be the perfect escape after a break-up to get away. What she didn’t expect was the added complication of her ongoing flirtation with fellow campmate Ryan Gallagher. 

Charlotte told Cosentino in Wednesday’s episode that Ryan was “everything [she] would want in a boyfriend”, adding that the whole will-they-won’t-they situation had been extremely confusing for her.

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