Celia Pacquola Has Already Copped An Injury From 'Dancing With The Stars'

Shortly after being announced as one of this year's 'Dancing With The Stars' contestants, Celia Pacquola admitted she's already been injured on the dancefloor.

But instead of pulling a hamstring practising her quickstep or twisting an ankle attempting a tango, the comedian explained on 'The Project' that her ailment was inflicted in a more unusual way.

"I've already had an injury, what a surprise!" she told the panel sarcastically.

"This is my first injury so far in three days... I got glitter in my eye," Celia said, pointing at her face, adding that "it hurt" when Peter Helliar didn't sound convinced that it was a real dancefloor injury.

But despite the dangerous amount of glitter in the dancing world, Celia joked that there was one main reason she signed up for the competition.

"Why do I do anything, Pete?" she told Helliar.

"To make ex-boyfriends jealous!"

She continued on to say that 'Dancing' was the one reality show that she knew she'd say yes to because "the thought of me doing this is hilarious, like if I think of a dog with a hat on... like, that's not going to end well!"

"If it's terrible it's funny but what if... what if I Susan Boyle this sh** and I'm just incredible?" Celia said.



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While she's feeling optimistic about her own efforts, Celia added that she's already sized up the competition and picked out a few strengths and weaknesses of her television colleagues.

"Here’s the thing with Ed Kavalee, a good friend of mine, super-fit -- however, he is quite top-heavy, right? So maybe a strong gust will come along, take him out."

But while she's not too worried about Ed scoring more points than her on 'Dancing', she is a little worried about another celeb on the lineup.

"Claudia Karvan!" she said with a low whistle. "Otherwise known as Claudia Karvan-up the dancefloor!"

"I'd never met her in person before but I'm such a huge fan and she's built and they're doing crazy stuff," she said of Claudia's moves in the new 'Dancing' promo.

"I'm doing a twirl, mate," she said of her own dancing debut.

We just hope that Celia takes better precaution in the presence of glitter from now on because we want to see her go all the way and Susan Boyle this sh**!

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