I’m A Celebrity 2020: Miguel Maestre Slams Tom Gleeson’s Gold Logie Stunt

Miguel Maestre defended his mate and ‘Living Room’ co-host Amanda Keller, slamming Tom Gleeson’s 2019 Gold Logie stunt campaign.

Speaking to a handful of his campmates, the chef staunchly said, “Amanda deserved that Gold Logie”.

Nominated for two years in a row, Amanda was up against Tom as well as Costa Georgiadis, Rodger Corser, Sam Mac, Eve Morey and Waleed Aly.

When he accepted his award Tom told the shocked crowd, “There's been a lot of concern that I'm turning this award into a joke… I’m a comedian, I love jokes.

Adding that it would have been “weirder” if he had run a sincere campaign, Tom urged the room to “lighten the f**k up”.

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'I Really Think We Should Lighten The F**k Up': Tom Gleeson Claims Gold Logie

Tom Gleeson's tireless Logies campaigning actually paid off.

Tom Gleeson poses with the Gold Logie Award in 2019. Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images.

Following the ceremony, Amanda admitted that while she understood his campaign, and what Tom’s goal was in running it, she was “upset” by the speech he delivered.

“I don’t know why in television we’re embarrassed to be proud of our work... he got to a point where he said, yeah sucko for wanting this you know it’s all a dumb joke,” she said during her WS FM weekday show with Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones.

“It wasn’t a joke to me…. To be nominated meant a lot to me, it really, really did. And all the support of everyone meant such a big deal to me,” she continued.

“We were all worthy. I don’t think we should be embarrassed for being worthy. I think that’s what upset me.”



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Back in camp, Miguel continued to defend Amanda saying she’s “the best in her game in radio, TV, acting and whatever she wants to do, she can do”.

But the comedians in the camp saw a different side of things. The 2018 winner of best new talent, Dilruk Jayasinha was Team Tom, telling Miguel:

“I think that’s [Tom’s] point… he wasn’t the best candidate to win it but that he just ran a good campaign.

“That’s the whole point he was parodying the whole idea of the award.”

Still unimpressed, Miguel didn’t see the funny side, adding, “I don’t like people bringing down other people to make fun. I think that’s not smart.

“I thought it wasn’t in good taste,” Miguel said, adding, “he went on and on and on and I thought all these people who are here would like to win... and you are getting that award and wiping your ass with it.”

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