I'm A Celebrity 2020: Ryan Gallagher Reveals What Davina Rankin Said To Him After 'MAFS' Honeymoon

While he may be finding a bit of romance in camp, the former ‘Married At First Sight’ star spilled the tea on his first TV romance.

Ryan explained to Miguel Maestre, Tom Williams and Charlotte Crosby exactly what went down after the ‘MAFS’ honeymoon with his TV wife Davina Rankin, revealing that her plans to be unfaithful shouldn’t have been so surprising.

“We were on the honeymoon and we were intimate and stuff, it was all pretty flash,” Ryan told his campmates, “you got lost in the moment”.

“As we’re flying back from the honeymoon, as we were landing, she goes, ‘You know when we get back we meet other people and you can hook up with anyone’,” he said.

Ryan Gallagher Reveals What Davina Rankin Said To Him After 'MAFS' Honeymoon
Ryan dished on his 'MAFS' experience to his in-camp crush Charlotte Crosby. Photo: Network 10.

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Charlotte -- who was in the UK when Ryan’s season of the series aired -- was in awe of the drama, as Tom and Miguel began to piece together who the man Davina left Ryan for was.

In an interesting twist of fate -- Dean Wells has just been announced as one of the newest members of 10’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’, a show that Miguel competed on last year -- and Tom won back when it was on another network.

“He kept saying he was a manly guy,” Tom began before Miguel asked,

“The weird guy with the rap?”



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Ryan Gallagher Reveals What Davina Rankin Said To Him After 'MAFS' Honeymoon
Tom Williams: famously not a fan of snakes or raps. Photo: Network 10.

During his season, Dean -- who reportedly goes by the name ‘DJ Visionz’ --performed a rap to win back his wife.

The lyrics included: “Tracey my little lady, you drive me crazy. After last week on the couch, you probably hate me, but you gave me a shot, you're so hot, plus your brain is next level, show me what you got.”

While Miguel was less than impressed with Dean’s skills of poetry and his mastery of rhyme, Ryan spoke about the experience of Davina refusing to let him leave the experiment so she could continue seeing Dean -- and even going through the awkward experience of introducing her to his parents.

“I had to take her to my parent’s place and I’ve only introduced like four girls to my family,” Ryan said.

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Initially, he planned not to tell his parents about his wife’s infidelity, “And then we got there -- we went up to the shed, the bullsh*t corner, and I told him. Dad comes out and he goes, ‘SO YOU CHEATED, DID YOU?’" Ryan told the gang.

While Ryan was talking to his dad, Davina apparently broke down in tears telling his mum about the whole situation.

“It’s like… Oh well! Anyone want any sandwiches?” Ryan joked.

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