I'm A Celebrity 2020: Cosentino Receives Awkward Welcome To Camp

He had only appeared in camp for mere minutes before Cosentino was embroiled in his first scandal.

After revealing himself from underneath a giant giraffe costume, the master illusionist was making his way around, meeting his new celebrity campmates. Already familiar with a few of them -- having appeared on ‘The Living Room’ with Miguel and telling 10 daily he had been interviewed by Tom Williams in the past.

But there was one celeb Cosentino didn’t recognise, but she sure remembered him.

“To be fair, I swear Cosentino was taller when I was 18,” reality star Erin Barnett said before confessing to Tanya Hennessy her traumatic past with the magician.

Erin Barnett Reveals Awkward Past With Camp Intruder Cosentino
Not what we'd cal a welcome party. Photo: Network 10.

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Apparently the pair had met at one of his shows, and it did not go well for Erin. With a slight nudge from Tanya, Erin immediately approached Cosentino to let him know their beef.

“Can I tell you something,” she said interrupting his meet and greet, “I met you before when I was like fresh 18 and you were really mean to me!”

Explaining that she approached him to get a photo and Cos was less than impressed and in the photo he posed with the enthusiasm of someone about to do their taxes.

Despite saying that she still had the photo on her Instagram, the 10 daily team weren’t able to track down what would otherwise be an incredible artifact.

Erin Barnett Reveals Awkward Past With Camp Intruder Cosentino
Erin doing her best impression of a very unhappy magician. Photo: Network 10.

“It’s daunting stepping into a new group when they’ve established their relationships and there’s some kind of comradery,” Cos later said, “and then the first thing out of Erin’s mouth is supposedly I didn’t even want to take a photo with her back in the day!”

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Despite the awkward first -- or rather second -- encounter between Cos and Erin, the magician was “over the moon” to finally be in the camp.

He might just need to use some of those famous escape artist skills to get out of any more awkward one-on-ones with Erin.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.