'Your Heart Is Bigger Than Your Boobs’: Nikki Osborne Struggles Being Away From Family

Comedian Nikki Osborne broke down in tears in camp on Sunday, struggling with being away from home.

As ‘Love Island’ star Erin Barnett found her campmate on the ground in tears, she attempted to make Nikki feel better -- 2 percent better, at least.

“I’m having an off day,” Nikki later admitted, “I can’t seem to get my sh*t together.

“I’ve got no reason to feel sorry for myself, there’s nothing wrong. It’s like cabin fever and jungle fever combined.”

Telling Erin that she had “left a lot of sh*t behind” at home and she was missing her family, not being able to check in with her husband or speak to her two young sons was definitely taking its toll on Nikki.

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When Nikki Osborne began her comedy career she started writing a show titled ‘On The Spectrum’ about her son Teddy, who was diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

“It’s just being here and thinking,” Erin told her, “it’s like a massive wave for you at once… you’re hungry, you miss your family.”

“I’m so sick of eating African animals,” Nikki joked, tearfully.

The mum-of-two has previously spoken about raising her youngest son Teddy who was diagnosed with autism when he was four, telling 10 daily she stopped working to commit to being a full-time therapist for him.

“You’re not worried for yourself,” she said before heading into the jungle, “every day you worry about them.”

Back in camp, a heartbroken Erin told Nikki how hard it was to see her struggling, “Because you actually pick everyone up, you know… You’re really funny!” she told her.

“You just want to do everything you can to make the tears stop,” Erin added.

While Erin was realistic that her chat wouldn’t make Nikki feel 100 percent better, the pair were able to have a joke, with Nikki telling the reality star, “You’re lovely. You’re not a vacuous tart at all.”

“Your heart’s bigger than your boobs,” Nikki told Erin.

To which the 24-year-old said, “I hope not. I want bigger boobs.”

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