‘Bravery Isn’t Measured In Stars’: Rhonda Burchmore Pushed To Limit In Daring Trial

A visibly shaken Rhonda Burchmore was in pieces after Sunday’s trial, but viewers rallied around the entertainer for her immense effort.

Most people barely enjoy being on a treadmill when it’s safely on the ground, so imagine how four of our celebs felt when they were tasked with going for a run on one hanging off the side of a canyon.

Positioned over the edge of a cliff, about 2 kilometres above the ground, Miguel, Charlotte, Dale and Rhonda had to tackle the “dreadmill”, staying on the treadmill for three minutes of increasing speeds to win stars.

Stepping up first, Rhonda was already anxious at the combination of two of her least favourite things, heights and treadmills.

'I'm A Celebrity 2020': Rhonda Burchmore Pushed To Limit In Daring Trial
Absolutely not. Photo: Network 10.

Before she went into the jungle, Rhonda told 10 daily heights were one of her biggest fears.

“I’m frightened of everything, so I don’t know how many stars I’ll bring home for the camp,” she said at the time, “height is a big fear for me”.

Recently Rhonda starred in Bonnie Lythgoe’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ pantomime as Maleficent. The ‘I’m A Celeb’ alum told Rhonda as part of the role she’d need to fly above the stage. “I thought I can’t do that. But it did stop a little of that fear. I’ll give everything a go.

“I’ve just got to trust 200 percent that everything is safe,” she continued. “I’m not going to kill myself, even though it looks like you’re about to, you’ve got to believe the safety will be second to none.”

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'I'm A Celebrity 2020': Rhonda Burchmore Pushed To Limit In Daring Trial
"My legs were jelly". Photo: Network 10.

Shakily stepping out on the platform, Rhonda tearfully said, “This is for you, sissy,” referring to her sister Michelle, “you’d be so proud”.

Rhonda’s time in the jungle is entirely dedicated to Michelle who died in 2015 after being diagnosed with multiple system atrophy.

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While the celebs face terrifying trials, give up their creature comforts for creepy crawlies and vie for the title of King or Queen of the jungle, it’s all for a very good cause.

“It’s the most cruel death,” she told 10 daily before heading into the jungle, “everything shuts down except the brain. I was with her right to the end.

“That is the overriding thing for me in the jungle” Rhonda continued, “that will get me through the hardest of times, thinking that I’m alive and if I can do this to raise awareness for this disease which is so rare.

“She’d be peeing her pants up there if she saw some of the stuff I’ll be doing,” she said.

While she didn’t manage to score any stars, Rhonda did earn the respect of her campmates as well as many viewers at home who were proud to see she still gave it a red hot crack, despite it being completely terrifying.

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