I'm A Celeb 2020: The Sweet (And Hilarious) Story Behind How Miguel Met His Wife Sascha

We spoke to Miguel Maestre's wife of ten years, Sascha, to get the adorable deets on how the sassy Spaniard won her heart.

We never expected 'The Living Room's Miguel Maestre to be the quiet one of the jungle bunch, so it's no surprise that the 40-year-old has been regaling his 'I'm A Celeb' campmates with some epic stories -- including one time he hid in the bushes while running away from police!

But it's the story of how he met his beloved wife, Sascha, that really had us swooning.

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Sascha spoke to 10 daily about how Miguel won her heart. Image: Supplied

We spoke to Sascha on what happened to be the pair's ten year wedding anniversary (she said Miguel had somehow arranged roses to be delivered to her doorstep in his absence) to get all the details on how the Crazy Bull managed to sweep her off her feet.

"My friend and I had been travelling and we went to Scotland for Christmas to see my family, and my cousins told me I just had to visit Edinburgh," she told 10 daily over the phone.

"I got a job in a bar as a waitress and Miguel had just started as the doorman, at the time [he] couldn't speak one word of English."

She continued, "The guy he was working with basically told him that all you need to say is 'you've got beautiful eyes' so, of course, he would walk around to all the girls going, 'Beautiful, beautiful!' and all the girls were getting so excited."

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She added, "I said to my friend, 'Check out the doorman, he just told me I had beautiful eyes!' and she goes, 'Oh, he told me that too!'" she laughed.

It was from then that the loved-up pair's relationship began to blossom.

"We were together about three months before I went to America and then back home, and Miguel went back to Spain, but we kept in touch," Sascha explained, adding, "Three months later we met up again in Edinburgh and lived there for two and a half years and later on we came back to Australia -- probably 19 years ago -- and we've never looked back!"

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Miguel and Sascha on their wedding day. Image: Supplied

Fast forward to the current day and the pair have been married for a decade and have since welcomed two gorgeous children, Claudia and Morgan, but despite being together for so long, Sascha said it's Miguel's loving personality her that keeps their relationship rock-solid.

"Miguel is always showing affection and is always saying beautiful things to me," she swooned.

"It's important to have good communication, too.  We always tell each other everything about how we're feeling -- whether it's good or bad."

Image: Network 10