‘You’ve Got One Life, Don’t Live It In Misery’: Charlotte Crosby Dishes On Plastic Surgery And Sex On TV

Charlotte Crosby has no problems opening up to her ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ campmates, speaking freely about her past with plastic surgery and having sex on TV.

When quizzed about her history with plastic surgery, Charlotte explained that she was 25 when she got her first cosmetic surgery, having a nose job. Since then she also had surgery on her lips as well as breast implants which “only lasted a year”.

Charlotte explained to Rhonda Burchmore that she initially got implants because of a rare condition she was born with called congenital symmastia. Basically the breast tissue webs across the chest, reducing the appearance of cleavage.

There are two kinds of symmastia, congenital which you are born with or iatrogenic -- caused by surgeries like augmentation or reconstruction. While both are rare, the chances of symmastia increase if you’ve had several surgeries. While the condition doesn’t impact health, it can be fixed for cosmetic reasons which Charlotte explained was why she had surgery in the first place.

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Charlotte Crosby Dishes On Plastic Surgery And Sex On TV
Charlotte Crosby and Rhonda Burchmore discuss cosmetic surgery. Photo: Network 10.

“I was fine with it for a while and then I thought, you know what I’d love to be able to wear low-cut tops,” she said, adding that after doing her research she found a corrective surgery that could be performed. When she went in for a consultation the surgeon also suggested implants.

“When I was sat there I was kind of wrapped up in it and I thought, ‘Oh god maybe it would look nice’ so I went ahead with it,” she explained, adding that she ended up getting 545CC implants. “I was huge.”

Earlier in the week she confided in Tanya Hennessy that she receives troll comments on her social media all the time regarding her surgery, saying she gets messages telling her she looks like Michael Jackson or Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns.

In a chat with On Demand Entertainment, Charlotte spoke about a pain in her left breast that slowly began to escalate, which is how she discovered she had capsular contracture, which she summarised as her body rejecting the implant.

According to, capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue that would usually creates a capsule of soft tissue to keep the implant in place. Occasionally the tissue capsule forms hard and begins to actually squeeze the implant, which can cause distortion of the breast and chronic pain.

Charlotte didn’t say she regretted any of her surgeries and while some viewers at home have slammed the 29-year-old’s appearance, she remains unbothered.

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Late last year when she received a comment that told her her lips were “too much”, Charlotte simply fired back, “too much for you bitch”.

She also told ‘The Daily Star Online’ that she’ll often post photos to social media where her lips are at their fullest in a ploy to get as many comments as possible. The more comments she receives on photos, positive or negative, the more likes the photo would receive.

“There’s a big strong argument you shouldn’t rush into [cosmetic surgery],” the ‘Geordie Shore’ star said while in camp, adding, “you shouldn’t do it at a young age, you should pick a very good surgeon, you shouldn’t be getting anything stupid done to yourself when you don’t need it.

“But if you’ve got something that makes you lack in confidence massively then go and bloody change it. You’ve got one life, don’t live it in misery and insecure-ness.”

Adding that she decided to get the “big hump” on her nose also corrected through surgery, Charlotte told Rhonda, “It was the best thing I ever did, I’m so glad.”

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While she’s been an absolute ray of sunshine in camp, Tanya Hennessy opened up to ‘Geordie Shore’ star Charlotte Crosby about her experiences being trolled.

Later in Thursday’s episode, Charlotte also spoke about her experiences on ‘Geordie Shore’, saying she and the cast would get drunk “five nights a week” during the five to six weeks filming each year.

Charlotte was an original member of the cast, starring in the series for 12 seasons the show followed the often tumultuous relationships of the housemates and their antics.

Living her younger years out on camera meant viewers got to see a lot of the unfiltered reality star, including when she got up close and intimate with co-star Gaz Beadle.

Charlotte Crosby Dishes On Plastic Surgery And Sex On TVCharlotte Crosby Dishes On Plastic Surgery And Sex On TV
Charlotte during the first season of 'Geordie Shore'. Photo: MTV via YouTube.

“I remember the first time I told my mum I had sex on TV,” Charlotte told Dale Thomas and Ryan Gallagher, “I said, ‘I’ve got something to tell ya…it’s quite bad, it’s quite bad actually’,” Charlotte said.

Apparently when she explained what had happened, her mum’s response was simply, “We’ll just cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“I didn’t have sex with like loads of different men I was literally just seeing one boy. There was a little bit of quilt movement and that's it. For all anyone knows I could say I was acting.”

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