I’m A Celeb 2020: Is This The Worst Luxury Item In The Show’s History?

Each year our celebs are given the opportunity to bring in one luxury item from home. They can be sentimental, they can be useful, you can be selfish and bring in something for yourself or you can think of the whole camp.

Inevitably someone always brings in an inflatable of some sort -- be it for the waterfall or in Laurina’s case, an entire inflatable sofa.

Thankfully this crew of celebs decided to forego musical instruments as luxury items -- last year comedian Tahir Bilgiç brought in a violin he couldn’t play and the unnatural sounds he created with that thing still haunt us to this day.

This year the celebs brought quite a variety of objects. Myf Warhurst decided on juggling balls, Nikki Osborne brought in a Polaroid camera, Miguel Maestre picked a paella pan and Dilruk Jayasinha brought bright pink, fluffy ear muffs.

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As flirtation continues to escalate between Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher, the ‘Geordie Shore’ star slammed her ex, Joshua Ritchie.

Tanya Hennessy decided being trapped in the jungle was the perfect opportunity to launch a podcast so she can get celebs one-on-one while they’ve got no escape.

Charlotte Crosby decided on a Shewee -- a portable device to help women urinate while standing. The official Shewee website, (which describes itself as the “ORIGINAL female urinating device since 1999”) says that it’s “ideal for traffic jams, festivals… and MUCH more”.

Charlotte showed off the ease of the Shewee. Photo: Network 10.

That “MUCH more” would be the camp’s short drop, which Myf described as “pretty confronting”, adding, “you just piss in a bucket, basically”.

But the real eyebrow-raising item of the year -- maybe even the show’s entire history -- has to be Ryan Gallagher’s choice of luxury item.

His… hat.

Malibu Stacey with NEW HAT! Photo: Network 10.

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Ryan Gallagher Reveals His X-Rated Tattoo

You know what they say about tattoos... it's just a little prick.

Now keep in mind, as part of their gorgeous camp uniforms all celebrities are SUPPLIED WITH A HAT. So Ryan decided, as a luxury, to bring in a second hat.

“When I saw everyone else bring out these great things for everyone to play I sort of wanted to say keep it in the bag, don’t worry about me because I felt like a bit of an arse,” Ryan said.

Look, maybe we're passing judgement too quickly and Ryan's hat is actually a really sentimental object that is really important to him and holds many beautiful memories.

Or maybe it's just a hat.

Some of his other campmates were equally confused with Ryan’s decision to bring a second hat.

“It’s a bit dumb,” Nikki said adding, “but that’s Ryan. His heart’s bigger than his brain.”

At least he can keep his brain warm, wearing his two hats.

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