I'm A Celebrity 2020: The Funniest, Grossest Trial Ever Leaves Celebs In Tears

Be it because they were gagging themselves or crying with laughter, audiences who tuned into the very first eating trial of 2020.

Charlotte Crosby, Erin Barnett and Rhonda Burchmore suffered through several rounds of increasingly difficult fine dining which saw the celebs attempt to guess what they were about to eat without seeing it first.

Treats like a six-month-old egg, goats brains and trout eyes were only the first course for our brave celebs who gagged their way through a very difficult meal indeed.

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While viewers at home were struggling to keep their dinners down, it was nothing compared to what Rhonda, Erin and Charlotte were trying to swallow.

Round two saw Erin delicately prod an impala’s anus (attention: Logies), Charlotte chuck a bull’s testicle at Lady Julia Morris and Rhonda had to eat a giant hissing cockroach.

But nothing could have prepared the trio for what was waiting for them in the third course: a blend of everything they were served before.

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From falling flat on her arse in front of royalty to performing an intimate song for a former President of the United States, story corner with Rhonda is one hell of a wild time.

“I’m going to do it but I’m going to have a bit of a walk about as if I’m in a nightclub,” Charlotte said bopping her way around as she tried to throw back the mix of anus, brains, testicle and eyeballs (to name a few gourmet ingredients).

I'm A Celebrity 2020: The Funniest, Grossest Trial Ever Leaves Celebs In Tears
Could just be a refreshing glass of Spewmante. Photo: Network 10.

It was one of the most hysterical challenges we’ve ever seen and also absolutely one of the most horrifying.

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