‘People Are Cruel’: Tanya Hennessy And Charlotte Crosby Open Up About Trolling

While she’s been an absolute ray of sunshine in camp, Tanya Hennessy opened up to ‘Geordie Shore’ star Charlotte Crosby about her experiences being trolled.

“When you create and have videos online you are putting yourself out there to be judged,” she said, adding, “people are cruel”.

In a video posted late 2018 Tanya spoke about her hesitancy to post certain kinds of videos due to trolling.

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She’s racked up millions of views in her viral videos, has a massively engaged audience across social media but ask Tanya Hennessy and she’ll tell you just how not-famous she is.

“Whenever I’m real personal I feel like it’s an excuse for people to troll me,” she said in the clip, “I think I’m very protective of myself and how much information I give away about myself in more recent months.

“When people troll me and come for me it feels so personal because they do know a lot about my life because I do tend to share a lot of it, so I’ve decided to not do that. But I feel like I can’t move forward unless I share.”

Speaking to Charlotte, Tanya added that there was something especially hurtful when people comment on her weight specifically.

“I uploaded this photo and this chick just wrote, ‘I’m so embarrassed for you you’re so fat now, you used to be smaller but now you’re embarrassingly big’.”

“I think sometimes when people are mean to me I’m like… listen to what I’m saying, or hear my heart,” the social media star said. “Like, see me… but don’t see me, if you know what I mean?”

Tanya has faced trolling throughout her career. When she started at Hit 104.7 in 2015 she found a Facebook page that had been set up specifically to bully her.

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“It was on RUOK Day,” she told Stellar magazine in 2018, “I’d been talking very honestly about how hard it was moving cities, and how much social-media bullying affected me.

“Then I found the hate page had been made in response to this. It was so mean and vulgar and scary. It felt so aggressive and personal, and the whole thing was just awful,” she continued.

In the past, Tanya has shared some of the comments from people which ranged from, “I saw you on my Jetstar flight, I was behind you and you smelt like I thought you would” to being compared to Peppa Pig.

“I don’t want to upset you,” another wrote, “but you’ve gained a lot of weight and you should probably fix that.”

Charlotte related to her experiences with the comments she receives over her surgery.

“People always say to me, ‘Oh God she was much better before she had her surgery,’ but I’m still the same person inside so why does it matter what I look like?” Charlotte said.

Being inundated with comments from men calling her names, Charlotte said people can be “ruthless” on social media, turning the best experiences sour.

“And they don’t see you as a person,” Tanya added.

In the most Charlotte way possible, the reality TV star shrugged off trolls saying she’s heard it all before, and the opinion of some random at the other end of a screen shouldn’t affect her so much.

“It really doesn’t matter what Paul Brown from 75 Smith Street things about us. Because he’s probably a bit of a twat himself,” she joked.

The pair have fast become friends in the jungle, sharing their common experiences of dealing with hate on social media as well as forging a bond as Tanya plays matchmaker attempting to set-up Charlotte and Ryan Gallagher.

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