I’m A Celebrity 2020: An Ode To Erin Barnett’s Eyelash Brushes

The reality star should have been on Love Eye-land.

Erin Barnett’s time on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ is definitely entertaining. The former ‘Love Island’ star has been thrown into a handful of Tucker Trials alongside Charlotte Crosby and the results have always been pretty wild.

We’ve also seen Erin share a few heartfelt moments with her campmates, bonding with other celebs and -- oh yeah -- constantly brushing her eyelash extensions.

If you’ve never heard of an eyelash brush, don’t worry, it’ll only be a few short minutes before Erin brings hers up. Even in the middle of the jungle the 24-year-old has managed to smuggle them into camp.

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I’m A Celebrity 2020: An Ode To Erin Barnett’s Eyelash Brushes
Erin's best friend in camp: her eyelash brush. Photo: Network 10.

While some celebs thought to smuggle sugar, coffee and tea, Erin stashed an eyelash brush in her hair to use while she was in camp.

And when the celebs received their luxury items, you’ll never guess what Erin’s was. Yep, an eyelash brush!

Before she gave up (most of) her creature comforts, Erin sat down with 10 daily to talk about what life in the jungle would be like. Asking about her luxury item, she whipped an eyelash brush out of the back of her phone case.

“I carry it literally everywhere with me,” she said, brandishing it like a very small lightsaber.

“I’ve got more on me, this is my sh*tty one. I have these everywhere I go with me, in my car, at home, in my friend’s houses just in case, my bag, my partner’s car. They’re everywhere.”

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If you’re wondering why you’ve gone this long in life without having an eyelash brush in every vehicle you’ve ever stepped into (Uber should start providing them TBH), it’s because Erin has eyelash extensions that she needs to keep in good nick.

The reason she keeps them constantly brushed is because “they get tangled and look like sh*t”.

“I’ll be wearing goggles 24/7,” she said, “I’m really nervous someone’s going to ruin them.”

While it isn’t painful or uncomfortable if her lashes get tangled, Erin told us, “it just looks ratty. It looks cheap and they’re not cheap! They were f**king expensive.”

I’m A Celebrity 2020: An Ode To Erin Barnett’s Eyelash Brushes
I'm An Eyelash Extension Get Me Out Of Here. Photo: Network 10.

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Brushing isn’t the only pampering Erin’s lashes get at home, she also told us that if they DO get wet (heaven forbid), she has ways of making sure they’re fine.

“I dry my eyelashes with a hairdryer,” she told us, “but I don’t think we have a hairdryer in the jungle… do we? Oh my god, we won’t even have a plug.”

Oh Erin, we’re glad you finally got (another) eyelash brush in camp, honestly, we never want to see you two separated again.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.