I'm A Celebrity 2020: Spitting Cobra Spotted In Camp

Days after the celebrities had an official snake safety briefing, Ryan Gallagher’s country instincts saved him and Dilruk Jayasinha from a nasty surprise.

Heading to pick up the laundry before another afternoon shower, Ryan and Dilruk were wandering along talking about regular celebs-in-the-jungle things before Ryan pointed at a suspicious looking stick and realised there was a snake perilously close to their washing line.

“Oh, sh*t, snake,” the former ‘MAFS’ star said pretty casually (we would have said it about 10,000 decibels louder and with 10,000 more expletives).

The pair first thought they had encountered a Black Mamba, an extremely venomous and deadly snake, but when it reared up and showed off its hood they realised they were dealing with what looked to be a Mozambique spitting cobra.

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The celebs haven’t been in camp long but they’re already being put to the test.

I'm A Celebrity 2020: Spitting Cobra Invades Camp
The snake spotted near the washing line in camp. Photo: Network 10.

The spitting cobra -- as the name suggests -- will eject cytotoxic venom which, if hit in the eyes, can cause blindness. It’s considered one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa and really isn’t the kind of thing you want to find slithering around your undies.

This isn’t the first time a spitting cobra has been spotted around camp, last year campmates Angie and Yvie were asked to evacuate camp so handlers could attempt to remove it.

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The celebs aren’t the only ones facing some jungle scaries -- we met one crew member who came face-to-face with a spitting cobra.

And it’s not just the celebs who have to face these kinds of critters, with one of the members of the production having a run-in with a spitting cobra, which did actually spray her in the eyes. Thankfully her lodging was right next to the lead animal wrangler, and the quick thinking of those around her meant she did not suffer lasting damage.

Back in the camp Ryan and Dilruk carefully kept an eye out for the snake -- or relatives that could have been watching on as they plucked up their clean washing.

I'm A Celebrity 2020: Spitting Cobra Invades Camp
Ryan and Dilruk's impressions of a cobra OR their auditions for the next production of 'Chicago'. Photo: Network 10.

“This doesn’t happen on my 41st floor apartment in Melbourne,” Dilruk said. “I don’t see any snakes there!”

The pair also couldn’t wait to head back to camp to inform snake-phobic Tom Williams exactly what they saw, and he was obviously thrilled about it.

I'm A Celebrity 2020: Spitting Cobra Invades Camp
Tom: still not a fan of snakes. Photo: Network 10.

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