Who Are Charlotte Crosby & Ryan Gallagher: ‘I’m A Celebrity’s First Jungle Romance

Everything you need to know about the budding romance between two of our celebs.

The celebrities haven’t even been in camp for a whole week yet, but we already what looks like the very first potential romance in six seasons of ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ Australia.

Charlotte Crosby of ‘Geordie Shore’ fame and Ryan Gallagher of ‘Married At First Sight Australia’ began flirting almost immediately, before they even had time to get changed into their camp uniforms.

Image: Network 10.

Here’s everything we know so far about Charlotte and Ryan’s romance.

It’s the first potential romance the show has ever seen

Across six seasons the show has yet to matchmake a pair of celebs. Perhaps that’s because they spend half their time getting dunked in slime, offal and eating animal anuses -- or maybe the circumstances just weren’t right.

Despite having a few close calls -- like the will-they-won’t-they-oh-they-definitely-won’t dynamic between Angie Kent and Justin Lacko in Season 5 -- Charlotte and Ryan, or Rylotte as we’re calling them, seem to have gotten the whole camp involved in their schoolyard romance.

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Campmate Tanya Hennessy unofficially became ‘camp cupid’ when she began working as a go-between for the pair, telling Charlotte, “[Ryan] likes you”.

Ryan and Charlotte flirted before ‘I’m A Celeb’ began

During the premiere of Season 6, as Ryan approached his campmates and met many of them for the first time, Charlotte admitted it wasn’t the first time the pair had spoken.

“I cannot believe Ryan is here,” she said to camera, “we’ve never actually met but we have spoken on social media.

“I feel like we’ve had a bit of a flirt, so it’s a little bit awkward,” the ‘Geordie Shore’ star continued.

Who Are Charlotte Crosby & Ryan Galagher: ‘I’m A Celebrity’s First Jungle Romance
Charlotte and Ryan flirted over social media before heading into the jungle. Photo: Instagram.

While we’re not sure just how in-depth the pre-show flirting was, there is some evidence that the pair had made contact before the show.

On an Instagram pic Charlotte posted a pic of herself on a plane, leaving Sydney in November last year.

Ryan commented, “You off darlin? Catch ya next time x”. It’s unclear if that was the first time they had spoken or if the pair had reached out to each other before.

Charlotte is recently single

One factor that’s obviously helping the pair is that they’re both very single.

Charlotte and her ex, former ‘Love Island UK’ star Joshua Ritchie, split up in November, with Josh revealing he had agreed to go onto the new season of the UK series ‘Celebs Go Dating’ only weeks after the split, saying he was hoping to “dip his toe back into the dating world”.

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Charlotte Crosby Slams Ex Josh Ritchie: "He Just Played Xbox All Day"

As flirtation continues to escalate between Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher, the ‘Geordie Shore’ star slammed her ex, Joshua Ritchie.

Charlotte posted on Instagram announcing the split saying, the relationship seems to have "broken down”.

Who Are Charlotte Crosby & Ryan Galagher: ‘I’m A Celebrity’s First Jungle Romance
Charlotte posted saying she hoped she and Josh could "remain civil" on Instagram. Photo: Instagram.

According to several outlets the pair called it quits because Josh ‘wasn’t ready to settle down’, despite Charlotte moving from Newcastle to his home in Bolton in August last year.

Charlotte and Josh appeared on ‘Celebs Go Dating’ last year as a couple, and speaking to agent Ana Williamson, Charlotte broke down while talking about what a “big deal” the move was to her.

“It’s a big deal and sometimes I don’t think he recognises what a big deal it is,” she said, adding that Josh had refused to let her bring one of her three dogs to her new home. “I’m moving away from everyone who I love and just to have one of the dogs with us, I feel like that’s a comfort thing for me.”

Before dating Josh, Charlotte was in a year-long relationship with Stephen Bear who she also co-hosted ‘Just Tattoo of Us’ on MTV.

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Speaking to 10 daily Charlotte said she had hoped to do a bit of soul-searching and spend some much needed time as a single woman.

"I can’t believe I finished with Stephen and literally two weeks later got in a relationship with Josh, like why did I do that?

“I want to be single and have fun and I want to date guys and flirt with people and have all that fun of being single, I haven’t had it in so long,” the 29-year-old continued, before admitting, “I’ve said all this but I do fall in love really quick and I’m really worried that if there’s someone in there that’s my type of tea, I’ll have to keep myself away from them.”

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Ryan is looking for love

Ryan shot to fame when he appeared in Season 5 of ‘Married at First Sight’ Australia when he was married to personal trainer Davina Rankin.

During the series, Davina began a relationship with one of the other husbands, Dean Wells.

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Former 'MAFS' Star Ryan Gallagher Is Looking For Love In The Jungle

Despite being in one of the most talked-about marriages of 2018, Ryan Gallagher is very single and heading into the jungle looking for romance.

After finally agreeing to leave the show, Davina said, “Ryan is so lovable I know he’s going to have no trouble in the outside world finding himself his sheila, his farm girl.”

Who Are Charlotte Crosby & Ryan Galagher: ‘I’m A Celebrity’s First Jungle Romance
Ryan and Davina on Season 5 of 'Married at First Sight'. Photo: Nine Network via YouTube.

Despite that, Ryan told 10 daily he had been seeing two women last year but since appearing on the show has struggled to make significant connections.

“A lot more girls will approach you,” he said, “but you don’t know whether they want you or they want you from TV,” he said, adding that he finds himself drawn to women who have no idea of his ‘MAFS’ past.

“I don’t know if I want to meet someone else in the industry, in the media, which makes it easier or stay single for the rest of my life,” he joked.

Ryan is Charlotte’s type

Before heading into the jungle, Charlotte spoke to 10 daily about what her ‘type’ is.

“I love tanned skin,” she said, adding, “I do like tattoos, mousy brown hair, handsome, rugged. Bit of a beard, not clean-looking. I hate clean, pristine looking men. I like rugged, muscly. I really do like a six pack.”

The pair admitted they’re crushing on each other

In Tuesday night’s episode, Ryan told Tanya Hennessy this flirtation differed from ‘MAFS’ because he has actual feelings for Charlotte. “I didn’t like her, I like Charlotte,” he said.

“[‘MAFS’] was no feelings whatsoever, I just felt like an idiot because I didn’t see what was coming. That’s the only reason,” he continued. “I sort of felt like a dipstick on camera… I didn’t feel heartbroken I just felt like an absolute idiot. That hasn’t made me fear anything or marriage or anything like that.

“If anything I want to actually get married properly, that’d be nice,” he said before admitting he has a “crush” on Charlotte.

The other campmates feel their connection

Tanya Hennessy has started the matchmaking efforts, enlisting the help of the other celebs in camp to set up a date for the pair.

“The vibe I get is Charlotte and Ryan, they are keen for each other and I just want to facilitate that. I am the best wingwoman. When we have a jungle wedding I’ll be like, ‘told you’.”

Charlotte made plans to spring a kiss

After Tanya did her work in the background, she inspired Charlotte to make the first move, finally giving Ryan the kiss she promised him in the very first episode.

When the celebs were tasked with bungee jumping out of a helicopter, Charlotte gave Ryan the extra motivation promising a smooch when he was safely back on the ground.

Telling Tanya that she planned to take him up to the sink and plant a kiss on him (and using a tree as an example).

They shared their first kiss in camp

Charlotte Ryan dating relationship I'm A Celebrity Get Me out Of here
Charlotte and Ryan get close in camp with a late-night cuddle. Photo: Network 10.

After meticulously planning how she could get the kiss Ryan owed her, Charlotte attempted to secure the smooch while the pair were doing the dishes. Due to a literal snag in the plan (Charlotte sat on the sink, went to slide off and snagged her shorts), and an unexpected interruption from Dilruk, the kiss didn’t eventuate.

Later that night a restless Charlotte knocked over some of the items on the end of her bunk, with her knight in shining undies coming over to assist -- he unexpectedly planted a bit of a kiss on her.

With the romance in full swing, Ryan and Charlotte decided to up the ante, having a bit of a fireside spooning sesh.

We’ll be watching how this develops very closely.

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