I’m A Celeb 2020: Rhonda Burchmore Remembers Embarrassing Spill In Front Of Princess Diana

From falling flat on her arse in front of royalty to performing an intimate song for a former President of the United States, story corner with Rhonda is one hell of a wild time.

Regaling her campmates with some of the famous faces she’s performed for, Rhonda Burchmore said she had danced in front of Princess Diana several times.

Describing the people’s princess as having “the most amazing blue eyes,” Rhonda spoke about one particular dance she performed in front of Diana in “one of those fancy, fancy ballrooms”.

“I knew she loved dancing, and I knew she loved tap dancing,” Rhonda said also telling campmates Tanya Hennessy and Billy Brownless that Diana had remembered her from their first meeting in Australia.

Charles And Diana Gala Evening Australia
The Prince And Princess Of Wales Attending A Charity Ball In Sydney During A Trip To Australia in 1983. Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images.

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“We were doing a show over there, ‘Hot Shoe Shuffle’... I put the shoes on, came in and did ‘Everything Old Is New Again’,” she said before telling the small audience that had gathered in camp that she slipped and “skidded on a bit of old something that was leftover from lunch”.

“Di peed her pants,” Rhonda said, “but the rest of them. It wasn’t amusing. It was not amusing.”

Rhonda also spoke about Diana’s spirit, saying she was “like a bird… caught in a cage”.

“You knew that she could be, you know, one of the girls. She had that side.”

With the other celebs hanging on every word, Rhonda also told them about the time she sung for “Billy Clinton”.

“I had a night with Bill,” she said of the evening she spent with the former US President in Adelaide years ago.

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Rhonda spoke about the encounter back in 2018 saying she performed “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” for Bill telling ‘Studio 10’ at the time, “He plays great saxophone. He’s got the most amazing… charisma.”

While her candlelit Rhond-ezvous with Bill had occurred “shortly after the Monica Lewinsky thing”, Rhonda said she didn’t mention the scandal that almost cost him the presidency but instead, “just wore a nice blue dress”.

“He said when I did ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend it reminded him of his childhood with President Kennedy,” she said.

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