'I Can't Bear This Anymore': Charlotte Crosby Clashes With Tom Willams In Camp

There’s trouble in paradise -- if you can call a camp in the middle of the jungle ‘paradise’.

After spending barely a day in their new jungle home, cracks are beginning to emerge in the harmony of camp.

Far from the Geordie Shores she called home for so long, Charlotte Crosby called out Tom Williams for seemingly pre-judging her in camp.

After attempting to get to know her new campmates as well as she could, Charlotte saw that Tom had little to no interest in finding out much more about her. 

“One thing that Tom has never done is, like, sat down and asked me any questions about me,” Charlotte said.

Image: Network 10.

After teasing her about her partying ways, Charlotte snapped at the former ‘Great Outdoors’ host.

“That’s not the only thing I do,” she fired back at the chippy. 

Backing Charlotte up was another reality TV star, ‘Love Island’s Erin Barnett. Erin also admitted that she is a massive ‘Geordie Shore’ fangirl and has been chomping at the bit to get to know Charlotte more. 

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“Do get annoyed when people say, ‘Is that all you do, party?’” Erin bellowed across the camp before Charlotte well and truly threw Tom under the bus.

“Tom doesn’t know a single thing I do because he hasn’t asked a question,” Charlotte announced to the camp, before reiterating how little effort he had made to get to know her.

Image: Network 10.

Forced to rectify the issue, Tom confessed he was “confused” telling Charlotte, “I watched one show and you lived in…”

“A house,” Charlotte helpfully responded.

“We’re talking about ‘Geordie Shore’ which is what made me famous, the 29-year-old said before listing off some of her more recent achievements.

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“I present my own show, I’ve got my own reality show, I’ve got two businesses, I also have partnerships in hair, clothes. So I don’t just go around and just drink and party,” she shot back.

“I just thought that maybe you might have judged a little bit, Tom.”

The others in camp watched as Tom was scolded by Charlotte as he apologised over and over. “I wouldn’t want to be Tom right now,” Erin joked. 

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