Charlotte Crosby Slams Ex Josh Ritchie: "He Just Played Xbox All Day"

As flirtation continues to escalate between Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher, the ‘Geordie Shore’ star slammed her ex, Joshua Ritchie.

Speaking to Ryan in camp, Charlotte spoke about Josh and their relationship ending, which she labelled as a “pretty crap breakup”.

“He sits and plays on the Xbox,” she told the former ‘MAFS’ star. 

Laying in camp the pair ribbed Josh for being a “pretty boy”, something Charlotte previously said she was not interested in. 

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“He is a ‘pretty boy’ but he didn’t have botox,” Charlotte said before adding, “I tried to make him because he had so many deep wrinkles.

“I would go to work every day, have late nights travelling around everywhere and he would be sat playing on his Playstation,” the 29-year-old said before admitting she believes she’s her own worst enemy when it comes to falling for the wrong kind of men.

Image: Network 10.

Surprisingly, it isn’t just Ryan who Charlotte seemed to have her eye on, with the Spanish mackerel Miguel Maestre also being called attractive by the reality TV star. But things with Ryan seem to be heading in the direction of heart-eye emojis, as the pair continued to flirt.

Ryan also opened up to Charlotte, speaking about his past history with eating disorders and anxiety.  

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Bonding over their shared sense of humour, Ryan admitted Charlotte is “a bloody gem”.

“She’s got a heart of gold, she’s easy to be around,” he said before the pair joked about Charlotte visiting his home of Goulburn.

Image: Network 10.

Later, Tanya Hennessy decided to play camp cupid. Getting Charlotte to not only admit that she has a “huge crush” on Ryan, but also informing Charlotte that Ryan reciprocates the feelings.

“Obviously I fancy him, it would be a lie if I said I didn’t. He's got these biceps that are kind of bigger than his head and that kind of thing really, really melts us all over the place,” she said, poetically.

Image: Network 10.

Pointing out that the last time Ryan was on a reality show his very public relationship didn’t go so great (in fact it was somewhat of a disaster), Tanya suggested Ryan potentially may be apprehensive to go through all that on TV once again.

But neither seem keen to slow the flirtation any time soon. Are those wedding bells we hear in the distance? Probably not, they’ve only known each other for like two days.

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