Scared Of Everything, Especially Losing Tinder: Dilruk Jayasinha Is Ready To Conquer The Jungle

In 2018 comedian Dilruk Jayasinha made a bet with a mate to see who could be the first to get their weight to under 100 kilos.

Dropping an incredible 35 kilos, Dilruk has spoken at-length about the transformation he underwent which began in 2018. It wasn’t just weight loss, but he began challenging himself physically, first with a half-marathon and then just a few months ago, running his first full marathon.

“It was crazy,” Dilruk told 10 daily before heading into the jungle. Admitting that he had put on a few extra kilos over the holidays, the comedian and ‘Utopia’ star said he was looking forward to shedding a few extra kgs while in camp.

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He also began to make small changes to his dietary habits to try and make the move into camp as easy as possible, reducing his coffee intake from four long blacks a day to just one.

“I wasn’t sure if we get coffee in the camp or not, presumably not, so I wanted to wean myself off it,” Dilruk said.

Throughout 2019 he experimented with intermittent and long term fasting, saying that for the first time in his life he was able to really see what he could achieve with very little to no food in his system.

“Three years ago I would have been like, ‘If I don’t have breakfast, I can’t do anything. My work doesn’t get done’,” he said, adding, “in the middle of last year I did three days without eating anything other than water and coffee and ran like 11kms.

“I’m a lot more capable than I thought I was,” he said. While he’ll still feel the hunger pangs of the limited food the celebs get during their time in camp, Dilruk said it would be the least of his worries.

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Capable he may be, but when it comes to the trials -- eating challenges, facing snakes, spiders and whatever else Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris throw at our celebs -- Dilruk is less sure.

“All of it scares me,” he said, “there’s nothing I’m comfortable with. There’s nothing, honestly. I don’t camp, I haven’t cooked in two years because I just eat at restaurants.

“I’ve lived a very comfortable life for the last couple of years, and this is taking all of that away,” he said.

“The hardest one will be my phone, I am very much someone who uses my phone for communication with family, loved ones, watching stuff, listening to stuff. Everything I do is connected to the phone.”

A few weeks ago Dilruk accidentally left his phone in the back of an Uber. “Those 12 hours were shocking,” he said, “I didn’t even know how to get home without my phone! Everything is in there!”

While he may be joined by a handful of other celebs in camp, Dilruk was also worried about finding connections. “I can’t just jump on Tinder to make myself feel better!”

“Jungle Tinder, you never know. I could just be swiping from tree to tree,” he joked. While Dilruk won’t be the only single celeb heading into camp he admitted he’d find it tricky not to be able to “fill that void with something superficial”.

Despite feeling disconnected from his family, he admitted he was glad his parents wouldn’t be able to easily watch the show while they’re home in Sri Lanka.

“I don’t want them to watch it because I think they’ll overthink it and freak out,” Dilruk said. “Dad’s really keen to see it."

His words to his parents, just in case they are watching, were: “You probably might see me cry, but just know I’m okay and I’m excited.”

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