Erin Barnett’s Nightmare Year Inspired Her Jungle Adventure

Erin Barnett is ready to win ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ to cap off a nightmare year.

Speaking to 10 daily ahead of walking into the camp, Erin spoke about the ongoing health battles she faced in 2019.

Erin starred in ‘Love Island’s first season as well as ‘Beauty and the Geek’ in 2013. With fans flocking to her social media, the 24-year-old began to use her platform to shed light on the health issues she faced.

Diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), Erin said she wanted to be open and honest with her followers -- and not just the young women following her.

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“Surprisingly I’ve had heaps of older women asking how my partner deals with me not being able to have kids because they’re having relationship issues,” she told 10 daily. “These are women who are like 45, married for 20 years, asking me advice and I’m like… sh*t. I haven’t even been alive for that long! I don’t know!”

Rather than posting as an expert, Erin has simply been completely raw in showing her own experiences -- including her surgery last October where she had her left ovary removed.

“It was back to normal within the next day. That surgeon was amazing,” she continued. “If they did it in April I wouldn’t have had five surgeries. I spent over $20,000 on surgeries. Isn’t that crazy? For them to do the same thing every three to four weeks.

Like many women, Erin also found herself not being listened to by medical professionals. Two days after her third surgery Erin says she had a cyst burst inside her which felt like ‘being set on fire’.

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“The surgeon missed the cyst. They thought I was going crazy, they were saying it was just postoperative pain. I was screaming.”

Erin said she then went to emergency, where she informed them of what she was allergic to, which they proceeded to give her, putting her in shock.

“I lived on painkillers for six months,” she said, “then you come out of it, it was like I was a drug addict. That’s what it felt like. It’s like you don’t know about the outside world for six months.” Erin was put on morphine to manage her pain after endone and fentanyl both weren’t working. “I was having panic attacks as I was coming out of the anesthetic,” she said.

“To come out and be off painkillers, to come out of surgery and be back to normal was a weird feeling,” Erin continued.

While the young reality star doesn’t want to be seen as a spokesperson, (“Because I might say the wrong thing!”) Erin wanted women to see her experiences.

After posting, Erin said many women got in touch. “The more I’ve been speaking about it the more I’ve realised people have it. Some women don’t realise they have it until they’ve seen something I’ve posted,” she added.

Erin’s time in the jungle isn’t just to push her out of her comfort zone, but to hopefully take home the top prize for her charity, Endometriosis Australia.

“Wouldn’t that just be the cherry on top?” she said, “Especially coming out of such a sh*t year, to win it for them. That would be really cool.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.