Ryan Gallagher Reveals His X-Rated Tattoo

You know what they say about tattoos... it's just a little prick.

The lovable larrikin’s recognisable tattoos may have been a big hint to his identity before heading into the jungle, but there was one tatt Ryan Gallagher couldn’t wait to reveal.

Speaking to 10 daily, Ryan said he was so eager to get his first tattoo that, at the age of 14, his cousin burned his last name into his left bicep with some guitar wire. A year or so later he got the burns inked over.

“I got my chest done then I bought a tattoo gun and started doing them myself,” the 31-year-old said.

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The first one he gave himself was an anchor on his left hip, then things continued until his entire front was a tapestry of Darwin-inspired images including a horse, a croc, a windmill and the words “country kid”.

“That’s why I’ve got none on my right arm, I’m right-handed.”

The boat’s wheel he got on his left wrist became a mini-disaster when he was only three quarters finished and his tattoo gun “s**t itself”, so he had to drive to Bondi Ink to get them to help finish it off.

Then, as casually as humanly possible, Ryan simply said:

“I’ve got one on the tip of my dick. That f**king hurt."

“I got home, me and my mate were drunk and I had my tattoo guns. He said the most painful part of the body is the palm of your hand so…”

Showing off the small cross he made on the palm of his left hand, Ryan said his mate then told him to try another sensitive area.

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“I went to draw a smiley face on it and I hit it and went HOLY F**K that hurt. So now I’ve got a blue dot.”

Saying it “looks like a melanoma” Ryan said he’s occasionally had to explain the intimate tatt to dates.

“It wasn’t until I got a tattoo on my dick I realised they don’t rub off.”

You can see more of Ryan (not THAT much more, behave) as he gets up to all sorts of trouble in the jungle.

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