Former 'MAFS' Star Ryan Gallagher Is Looking For Love In The Jungle

Despite being in one of the most talked-about marriages of 2018, Ryan Gallagher is very single and heading into the jungle looking for romance.

Speaking to 10 daily ahead of his entry into camp the 31-year-old admitted that he was 100 percent open to the idea of finding love with one of his campmates. Saying that he had no interest in ever being part of another dating show, the former ‘Married At First Sight’ star added the first of two disclaimers: that ‘I’m A Celebrity’ isn’t technically a dating show.

The second was the one exception to his ‘no dating shows’ rule. “The only show I would probably do if they did approach would be ‘The Bachelor’”, Ryan told 10 daily.

“It’s the only one because I know they’re not going to screw me over. They’ll want me to actually end up with someone, all these other ones it’s more for the ratings.”

Ryan added that he had no issues with his time on ‘MAFS’, coming off the show he understood what he had signed up for and had to deal with the consequences, but felt like stepping into the shoes of ‘The Bachelor’ meant he actually had a proper shot at a love story.

It isn’t the first time Ryan’s name has been thrown into the ring (by himself of by others) for the rose-covered spot of Bachie. Soon after his ‘MAFS’ stint, rumours began that he was in talks with producers but the show went with another larrikin, the controversial Honey Badger.

Meanwhile, Ryan said he didn’t even really watch his own season of ‘MAFS’, only watching segments here or there. “It just doesn’t interest me.” But there is one fan in his household.

“Dad loves it. He still watches reruns, I don’t know why. It’s a terrible show.”

“He watched the last season as well,” Ryan said. “I’d be in the kitchen and he’d start talking about it, I’d say I don’t f**king care! I don’t even know their names. I avoid them like the plague at events.

“I know I shouldn’t say it as one of them… they’re just not my type of people, reality people. I avoid them like no tomorrow. They’re not nice people.”

Saying that he thinks his former co-stars are likely to “push their own mother out of the way to get to a photo wall,” the 31-year-old says he hasn’t spoken to anyone from his series since October last year.

While he’s definitely not ruling out finding love on TV, Ryan said being on ‘MAFS’ had changed the way women now approach him. Being on the show definitely “had its pluses where a lot more girls will approach you but it also has a lot of negatives”.

“You don’t know whether they want you or they want you from TV which is something I don’t want to get involved in, so I’ve avoided having relationships with anyone that comes up [to me],” he continued.

“I was seeing two girls this year and both of them didn’t know who I was when I met them, which was such a relief,” Ryan added, “I don’t know if I want to meet someone else in the industry, in the media, which makes it easier or… stay single for the rest of my life,” he said, laughing as he added, “marry my hand and the bridesmaid is a bottle of moisturiser!”

Ryan wouldn’t be the first to survive the jungle only to head straight into the bach pad. Last year Angie Kent’s time in camp inspired her to become the Bachelorette later that year where she met her current beau Carlin Sterritt. But who knows, perhaps Ryan may find that special someone in the bunk next to him in camp.

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