The Winners, Grinners And Dinners That Ruled Reality TV In 2019

There's really no set formula when it comes to taking home the top spot on a reality TV show.

Some pathways to victory might be a little more clear-cut than others, like being the best amateur dancer or chef, but most winning strategies are a complex mixture of hard work, charm, luck and the ability to withstand extreme conditions (we're looking at you, Bachie mansion).

Just like this year's 'Survivor' series was a mix of Champions and Contenders, so too is the variety of winners from all the reality shows that aired this year on 10.

It's a realm where actors can win against athletes, a 22-year-old can become the youngest 'MasterChef Australia' winner in history and singers are forced to flaunt their personalities hidden under furry suits.

Here's a reminder of our most winning-est winners from 2019 and all the completely elated and terrified faces they pulled when they were crowned!

Australian Survivor


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'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here' -- Richard Reid

We're just around the corner from finding out which celebs are heading to the jungle in 2020 but 2019 belonged to celeb gossip guru, Richard Reid.

"I just hope that any kid out there who doubts themselves or has been bullied, depressed, shy or scared knows that if I can do it -- who's just a big scared kid inside -- anyone can do it," he told 10 daily moments after the win.

Another bonus? To "come out of the jungle... with abs!"

I'm A Celebrity...


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'Dancing With The Stars' -- Samuel Johnson

An actor by trade, Samuel had been a little sceptical about signing up to a celebrity reality series -- but was propelled with an important mission. Sam danced his heart and soul out to win the big prize for his Love Your Sister charity, which he started with his sis Connie, who died from cancer in 2017.

"The power of dance can transform your life, it can transform the soul," Sam said during the finale ahead of his win with dance partner Jorja Freeman.

Sam narrowly beat Courtney Act and Constance Hall and the $50,000 prize money went straight to cancer research.

'MasterChef' -- Larissa Takchi 

Larry was a fan favourite right from the start for her witty commentary and penchant for taking big risks with wacky flavour combinations.

The 22-year-old from Dural, NSW was surrounded by her family as she blitzed through the three-course service challenge against Tessa Boersma and Simon Toohey. She scored an impressive 85/90 and made history by becoming the competition's youngest-ever winner.

Her winning ~dinner~ menu?

A bone marrow with onion soubise entree, main dish of marron and fennel puree and a showstopping Szechuan pavlova with beetroot and blackberry sorbet.



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'Survivor' -- Pia Miranda 

Photo: Network 10.

The 'Looking For Alibrandi' actor prophesied her own win in the competition, announcing from the get-go that she'd either get sent home in the first episode or become Sole Survivor.

The smiling assassin narrowly escaped elimination at the first Tribal Council and then, after playing an expert-level social game, made it all the way to the top.

'The Masked Singer' -- Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson being unmasked. Image: Network 10.

The Australian debut of this completely bonkers show left us all flabbergasted as a Monster, Robot, Octopus and Rhino -- among others -- charmed and infuriated us with their secretive performances.

Right before he started dating Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson enjoyed the hell out of singing (and dancing) beneath the Robot mask and ended up casually winning the whole competition.



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'The Bachelorette' -- Carlin 

The Bachelorette Australia 2019: Angie Kent Picks Carlin Sterritt

After a season that surprised us again and again with some AWFUL twists and turns, Angie Kent found true love with her new boyf, Carlin Sterritt. They're happily still coupled up and posting dorky Instagram photos of each other, phew!

Unfortunately, we can't say the same for Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod who parted ways a few months after 'The Bachelor' wrapped up -- or anyone who flocked to 'Paradise'.

'The Amazing Race' -- Tim and Rod 

Tim Sattler and Rod Jones Win 'The Amazing Race Australia' 2019

Right from the start, newlyweds Tim Sattler and Rod Jones stood out as one of the teams that just worked so well together. They never bickered or argued and everything from their pit stop jumps to their tuk-tuk mending to their exceptional rowing skills were perfectly synchronised.

"We said no matter how hard a leg gets, whether we know 100 percent that we're last or we 100 percent know we're first, let's hold hands and finish that leg together," Rod said.

And they did! Finishing up the race in the Northern Territory, the pair finished their dream run with a puzzle solve, a jump, a smooch and $250,000.

'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here' Premieres On January 5. Only On 10 And WIN Network.