One Of 'Australian Survivor's Biggest Challenge Beasts Is Joining 'All Stars'

One of the competition's strongest physical players is returning for a second chance at becoming Sole Survivor.

Locky Gilbert made a name for himself in Season 2 of the series as a leader in both the Samatu, and Asatoa tribes, lasting a gruelling 49 days in Samoa.

He placed fifth in the series that was ultimately won by Jericho Malabonga and is back to prove that the brawnier Survivors do have what it takes to win -- even with the perception that they're massive threats in the game.

"Going into All Stars, I’ve got a massive target on my back," Locky said of joining the cast.

"I’m here to prove that a Challenge Beast can take the title of Sole Survivor. I want to prove that I am the top dog.”

Locky's Instagram page shows that he's been training full-time for Survivor in his day job as an 'adventure ambassador' with plenty of pictures of him jumping into large bodies of water, lifting bicycles above his head and base jumping off mountains.

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There isn't any evidence of him tackling any giant wooden puzzles which might be his tribemates' only hope of beating him in 'All Stars'.

Locky will be joining Brooke, Flick, Nick and Phoebe from Season 1; AK, Jericho, Henry and Tarzan from Season 2; Mat, Shane and Lydia from Season 3, and David and Harry from this year’s 'Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders'.

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' is coming to 10 in 2020.