Hughesy Revealed The Biggest Problem He's Facing This Christmas

Dave Hughes has enlisted a skilled panel of problem solvers for a special Christmas edition of 'Hughesy, We Have A Problem'.

Along with comedians Kate Langbroek, Ross Noble, Nikki Osborne and Charlie Pickering-- Hughesy will attempt to solve a few holiday headaches, including one very close to his heart (and stomach).

Earlier this year, Hughesy sat down with his wife to watch 'The Gamechangers' on Netflix,  a documentary about the benefits of adhering to a plant-based diet.

By the end of the film, the comedian had been convinced to switch to veganism -- the only problem was his wife had fallen asleep midway through and didn't experience the same ~gamechanging~ epiphany.

How is Hughesy going to handle Christmas as a vegan? Image: Network 10.

"She was a bit annoyed," Hughesy told 10 daily over the phone, adding that his new diet meant he had "gone further away from what she was cooking". 

It was also unwelcome news for the comedian's brother, who has worked at a cheese and butter factory in Victoria for the last two decades.

"He’s like, 'what do you mean you’re vegan, what the hell?' So he’s not happy about it," he told 10 daily. "I come from a dairy area, I might get chased out of town next time I visit," he joked. 



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The issue has been at the forefront of Hughsey's mind as December 25 approaches, wondering how he'll tackle his first Christmas lunch with a family full of meat and dairy lovers.

"You don’t want people to hate you!" he explained, saying he was aware that vegans have a bit of "preachy reputation". 

Hughesy attempts to solve his personal problem (which no doubt applies to many people around the country) on his festive TV special with an eye-opening segment entitled 'How do I handle Christmas as a vegan?' which offers some hilarious yet extremely practical solutions.

A very serious interview with Santa himself. Image: Network 10.

'Hughesy, We Have A Christmas Special' also tackles the struggle of living next to neighbours with over-the-top Christmas lights, a chat with someone who's having trouble scoring a job as a Christmas elf and how to deal with kids who no longer respect the power of Santa.

"I used to use Santa as some kind of threat to my kids where you’re trying to get Santa to be someone who will exact revenge on naughty children," Hughes told 10 daily. 

"But I think over the years, we’ve only had one year that a present was replaced by a potato and that wasn’t even a big deal because she had about 100 other presents anyway," he explained. 

We thought it was lumps of coal, not potatoes, that were handed out to naughty kids at Christmas but Hughesy said, "it must be my vegan side coming out". 

You can watch Hughesy, Kate, Charlie, Nikki and Ross discuss all their festive gripes on 'Hughesy, We Have A Christmas Special' on Monday, 23 December At 7.30pm On 10.