Perth News Anchor Narelda Jacobs To Join The Studio 10 Panel In 2020

10 Perth's very own Narelda Jacobs has been announced as the latest addition to the 'Studio 10' family.

Announcing the great news on Friday, it was revealed that Narelda will not only be joining the panel but will also regularly head across Australia to find the stories Aussies want to hear.

"I cannot wait to join the Australian conversation every morning alongside my fabulous co-hosts," Jacobs said, adding that the move comes ahead of her 20th year with Network 10.

"I’ve felt the pull for new challenges, so bring on Studio 10 in 2020!

Narelda Jacobs Joins Studio 10
Narelda Jacobs is joining Studio 10. Image: Network 10.

Narelda Jacobs


Narelda Jacobs' On-Air Clap Back After Radio Host Tells Woman To 'Put On Bra'

Narelda Jacobs has clapped back at radio host Darryl Brohman after he told co-host Erin Molan to put on a bra.

"This is a bittersweet move for me," she continued, "over my time at 10 Perth I’ve been privileged to see just how strong the community spirit is in the West."

"Living alongside so many generous and talented people makes it one of the best places on earth."

Making history as the network's first indigenous news presenter, Jacobs is no stranger to the world of 10, featuring on 'Studio 10' and 'The Project' regularly.

Speaking to the team, Jacobs said, "I've always felt like part of the family ... we're not always going to agree, we might end up in fights but I love and respect you guys and I'm hoping to do a lot of laughing as well."

Moving from the PM to AM shift isn't the only big move for Jacobs, who will be leaving Perth for Sydney in 2020.

"I'm so excited. Look at this beautiful city," she said pointing to the Perth landscape behind her.

"I'm a proud Western Australian, but I'm also a proud Australian ... Home is where the heart is. My heart follows me everywhere I go and I've got you guys as my family now.

"I'm just going to love life, whatever it holds."

Jacobs will officially join the 'Studio 10' team on Monday, January 13 in 2020 alongside Sarah Harris, Angela Bishop, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Joe Hildebrand, Natarsha Belling and Denise Drysdale.

Featured image: Network 10.