It's Official: 'Survivor' Is The Best Reality Show In Australia... Again

The tribe has spoken.

And by tribe, we mean the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA)... because Australian Survivor just won the award for best reality show in the country for the second year in a row.

'Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders' took out the award at the star-studded 2019 AACTA awards held in Sydney on Wednesday night, after coming up against MasterChef Australia, The Block, Married At First Sight and My Kitchen Rules.

It's the second consecutive win for the show in the category and its third nomination overall.

The award was accepted by producer Amelia Fisk and 2019 Sole Survivor Pia Miranda who thanked fans for watching.

"And to my fellow castaways, to say that survivor is brutal is an understatement," Pia added.

Survivor first won the award last year in a season that saw former Olympic champion Shane Gould -- who was repeatedly underestimated by her fellow competitors -- crowned Australia's Sole Survivor.

Australian Survivor Shane Gould
Image: Network 10

The weeks of grueling tests and tribal councils culminated in one final immunity challenge which saw Gould rely on her alliance with Sharn to take her through to the top two after she dropped out of the final, physically exhausting, challenge.



Australian Survivor 2018: All Our Favourite Moments

From bellyflops to idol poops, this season of 'Australian Survivor' has delivered gasps and twists, laughs and jaw drops in droves.

And this year's Survivor proved just as nail-biting from start to finish.

From massive blindsides, record-breaking challenges, fierce rivalries and the Luke Toki exit that broke hearts around the country, the 2019 season saw another underestimated player -- the Smiling Assassin -- Pia Miranda, crowned Sole Survivor.

Pia Miranda Predicted Her 'Survivor' Win From The Very Beginning
Image: Network 10

And while we're definitely still recovering from that gruelling final endurance challenge which saw the final three battle it out six whole hours, fans went into meltdown on Monday night with the first official sneak peek into next season.

'Survivor All Stars' which will see 24 castaways return for their second chance at the title of Sole Survivor is set to air in 2020 and on Monday it was revealed that three of the biggest names so far will also be returning.

Australian Survivor


Shane, Lydia And Harry: Three Huge Names Joining 'Australian Survivor: All Stars'

Three of 'Australian Survivor's biggest names are set to merge into the first-ever 'All Stars' cast -- and it's going to be difficult to tell who'll be the first to get blindsided.

First up, Shane Gould will be back after taking out the crown in 2018 and will be looking to become Sole Survivor for the second time.

But it won't be easy. She'll be up against undisputed challenge beast Lydia Lassila who was booted out at tribal council by a blindside that was orchestrated by Gould herself, so a revenge move could definitely be on the horizon for that pair.

And in news that had fans cheering, 'Dirty' Harry Hills -- who was nicknamed 'The Cockroach' for his ability to survive even the most nuclear-strength Tribals last season, will also be returning.

Other fan favourites, heroes and villains will also be joining the cast including David Genat, Mat Rogers, Mark 'Tarzan' Herlaar, Phoebe Timmins, Nick Iadanza, Felicity Eggington, Brooke Jowett, and Henry Nicholson.

We've got our torches ready, so JLP it's time to send us back to camp, please.